Batman Beyond To Star Timothée Chalamet?

Timothée Chalamet might be donning the mantle of Batman in the future.

By Drew Dietsch | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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Timothée Chalamet is one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood. He will be seen in the upcoming big-budget adaptation of the sci-fi epic Dune from Warner Bros. Studios. It sounds like Warner Bros. might be big fans of the young actor because a new scoop says they want him to headline one of the most anticipated superhero films in years.

Mikey Sutton of Geekosity is claiming that Timothée Chalamet is the actor Warner Bros. wants to nab for a Batman Beyond film. We know that Michael Keaton is already signed on for the project, but it was originally slated as a series for the streaming platform HBO Max. According to Sutton, Warner Bros. believes the property has feature film potential and wants to develop it as a theatrical release. Nabbing the young Dune star would be a big step in assuring this would be a major motion picture event.

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Timothée Chalamet would be portraying the role of Terry McGinnis, a young man who discovers the Batsuit and is eventually mentored by an aged Bruce Wayne to become the new Batman. The character and idea were created as an animated series back in 1999 and a spinoff of the wildly successful Batman: The Animated Series. While the show only ran for three seasons, it maintained a strong fan following and the character of Terry McGinnis eventually made his way into the official comic book canon.

Fans have been eager to see a Batman Beyond feature film ever since the show became so beloved in the early 2000s. Attaching an actor as prominent as Timothée Chalamet to the project would give it some real steam. It should be noted that there has been no official signing of Chalamet to the part, but Sutton’s report says that Warner Bros. was originally using the actor as the template they wanted for casting. After a while, they seem to have decided that they would prefer the real thing to an actor that fits into that particular mold.

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If Timothée Chalamet were to step into the world of Batman Beyond, it would be quite a shock to mainstream audiences who might not be as familiar with the futuristic continuation of the Batman story. However, it was believed that the success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse jumpstarted discussions about a Batman Beyond feature film since that movie featured a similar setup regarding a new successor to the superhero mantle. Many fans believed that Batman Beyond might actually work better as an animated feature, but Warner Bros. seems adamant about making it into a live-action film.

It is not surprising to hear that Warner Bros. is chasing someone like Timothée Chalamet for the role of Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond. The young actor has proven his staying power with memorable roles in Call Me By Your Name and Little Women. This also bodes well for Warner Bros.’ reaction to his leading man potential in the upcoming Dune. If they weren’t happy with his portrayal of Paul Atreides, it is unlikely this rumor about his potential casting in Batman Beyond would be making the rounds.

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Whether or not Timothée Chalamet ends up as Terry McGinnis in a Batman Beyond movie, it seems clear that Warner Bros. is finally taking the adaptation seriously and trying to get it off the ground. Signing Michael Keaton was a big boost for the production to actually get the wheels turning on the development of the film. The real hope is to hear an official announcement regarding a behind-the-scenes team. As of this writing, there is no director or writer officially attached to Batman Beyond. Learning who those filmmakers would be will go a long way in making Batman Beyond feel like it’s really happening.

We will simply have to wait and see if Timothée Chalamet does end up attached to the Batman Beyond feature film. It feels like there is a lot going on over at Warner Bros. when it comes to their DC superhero properties. Will Batman Beyond be able to finally make its way to the big screen after 20 years in the pop culture landscape? If Timothée Chalamet signs on the dotted line, that could be the spark that lights this movie’s fuse.