Time Travel Gets Real Weird In This Sci-Fi Netflix Movie

By Steven Nelson | Published

Ever thought regular time travel was so last decade? Well, Time Trap takes that old-school TARDIS-twirling, DeLorean-driving trope and says, “Hold my paradox!” Jump into a world where finding a fountain of youth isn’t about smooth skin but instead about, well… getting stuck in a cave. 

Because, naturally, if you’re going to stumble upon a mind-bending anomaly, it’s going to be deep in a cave in Texas, not in some fancy laboratory. Dive in and brace yourself for a time travel trip that’ll make you go, “Wait, what year is it again?” and “Why didn’t I pack more snacks?” Streaming on Netflix is Time Trap: it’s not your grandpa’s time travel… unless your grandpa got trapped in the cave too. Oops.

Time Trap is a time travel movie that is streaming on Netflix

When a group of intrepid, and might I add, not-so-genius, students decide to play detective in the remote hills of Texas, their aim is to find their missing archaeology professor. But boy, did they get their GPS directions hilariously wrong.

Instead of finding their prof, they stumble upon an otherworldly cave that seems to have a mind of its own – especially about time travel. We’re talking “I-accidentally-aged-10-years-waiting-for-my-coffee” kind of time warp.

This isn’t your grandma’s time-traveling DeLorean from Back to the Future. Inside this cave, time has one heck of a quirky sense of humor. A quick catnap inside? Bam! It’s been decades outside. The cave has been the hot-spot, the “it” place, for time travelers for centuries. Picture this: pioneers, cavemen, and even some futuristic-looking folks (I swear one of them was doing the robot dance), all lured by the cave’s enigmatic charms.

As our time travel student squad delves deeper into the cave’s mysteries, they discover its star attraction – the legendary fountain of youth! Yes, the one Ponce de León was supposedly searching for, although he clearly didn’t have the right map. 

But here’s the kicker: the exit doors to this time-mangling party are rapidly closing, and our crew needs to hustle before they become permanent guests. And let’s not even get started on the cave’s “residents” – some of whom seem to have missed the memo on hospitality.

Navigating through the twists and turns, our not-so-bright adventurers need to use their wits (whatever’s left of them) to outsmart time itself, figure out the cave’s wild rules, and most importantly, make it out in time for the next semester. Or at the very least, before their student loans are due. Because let’s be honest, nobody wants to deal with compound interest from a time-traveling cave.

time trap time travel

Well, if you’ve ever thought time-travel was solely about hitting a button on a fancy machine or stepping into a magical wardrobe, Time Trap will tickle your funny bone with its curveballs. 

Time Trap on Netflix presents a rather quirky and passive kind of temporal locomotion.

Instead of the usual time-travel tropes where characters hop between significant historical events or chat with dinosaurs (not that we wouldn’t enjoy a good T-rex tea party), Time Trap presents a rather quirky and passive kind of temporal locomotion. There’s no “setting a date” or “choosing a destination”; it’s a one-way ticket into a zany time-bending cave, and you’re just there for the wild ride.

The cave in Time Trap doesn’t transport you to a different era per se. It changes the rate at which time flows inside versus outside. This clever twist allows for hilarious moments and challenges our usual understanding of time-travel. 

The result? A smorgasbord of characters from different timelines all making pit stops – from cavemen who probably just wanted a quiet corner to invent the wheel, to future folks perhaps scouting for vintage Earth memorabilia. Plus, there’s the sheer unpredictability of it all. One minute you’re enjoying a leisurely stroll, and the next, bam! Centuries have flown by.

time trap

Time Trap refreshingly simplifies the often convoluted rules and mechanics of time-travel, offering viewers an engaging, often humorous, and slightly philosophical take on the consequences of time dilation. 

The challenges faced by the characters aren’t about changing history or avoiding run-ins with their past selves, but rather, understanding and adapting to the ever-shifting temporal sands beneath their feet. And honestly, isn’t that kind of like navigating our binge-watching schedules? 

You think you’re just going to watch one episode, and suddenly it’s been five seasons and three spin-offs. That cave? It’s the ultimate Netflix binge vortex. Watch responsibly.