Tim Allen Is Reviving A Classic Character For A Sequel Series

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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A surprising holiday favorite is returning to Disney+. Tim Allen once played Santa Claus in the aptly titled, The Santa Clause. A feel-good Christmas franchise that came out initially in 1994. The breakout movie spawned two other films to create a trilogy that ended in 2006. Now it appears as if The Santa Clause is being rebooted into a series with Allen reprising his role as Santa Claus, aka Scott Calvin. This is shocking considering the several iterations of the same type of movie coming out in the last few years. However, Allen’s version was highly regarded as one of the best in that genre of holiday films.

Tim Allen will be reuniting with the majority of the creative crew that he was with when on his hit series Last Man Standing. Starting with the creator of Last Man Standing, Jack Burditt, who is set to be the showrunner for the new series. The working title for the new series is simply The Santa Clause, which does match up with the title of the film trilogy, though there could be some creativity added and a name change might be upcoming. Kevin Hench, who also was an executive producer and writer on LMS will also be an executive producer on the new series. Richard Baker and Rick Messina, who are Allen’s managers and also have executive producer credits on LMS will also be producing the new show.

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Tim Allen is clearly a lot older than when he was in 1994 when the first film came out, so the plot for the new Santa Clause series will revolve around aging and retirement. Scott Calvin, on the even of his 65th birthday, realizes that he cannot be Santa any longer. His family has suffered from the fact that he has served in this role for many years. Both his children have grown up on the Pole and Scott feels they could benefit from living a normal life. With elves, reindeer, and a family that depend on him to provide, he goes on a journey to find a new Santa Claus to take his place. Whether or not there will be any appearances from those who have appeared in the previous movies has not yet been revealed yet, but seeing Martin Short’s Jack Frost would be fantastic.

Apart from being the long-standing voice for Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story franchise, Tim Allen hasn’t worked with Disney since 2019, so it will be nice to see his brand of “dad” humor return. With the popularity of recent Santa iterations like The Christmas Chronicles films with Kurt Russell, there is no telling if Allen’s revival will be popular again, but it was a fan-favorite during the time in which it came out. The Santa Clause series is set to start filming in March, so it could be perfect timing for a Christmas or holiday release on Disney+ later this year. Allen won a People’s Choice Award for his portrayal of Scott Calvin, so hopefully, people are going to accept his version of Santa once again.