The Creepiest Christmas Movie Is Getting A Sequel

By TeeJay Small | Published

For decades, holiday movies have been a surefire money maker, bringing excitement, joy, and Christmas cheer to a wide audience and instilling future nostalgia in young viewers for years to come. But The Polar Express serves as something of a different entity and now it might be getting a followup.

The Polar Express

tom hanks

2004’s The Polar Express, has come to be revered for its terrifying character design and awkward special effects, despite its status as a Christmas classic. Now, according to an exclusive source from, a Polar Express 2 is in the works, with Gary Goetzman returning to produce.

Working On The Polar Express 2?

the polar express 2

The original 2004 film stars Chris Coppola, Leslie Zemeckis, Michael Jeter, Nona Gaye, and Tom Hanks in several leading voice roles.

Hanks and Gary Goetzman have since teamed up for landmark projects such as Greyhound, News Of The World, and A Man Called Otto, with their latest collaboration, Masters of the Air, set to release on Apple TV+ later this week.

According to recent interviews with Goetzman, he and Hanks have toyed with the idea of developing The Polar Express 2, and the pair are actively trying to work out the fine details for getting the film made.

Uncanny Visuals

the polar express 2

This will surely surprise many original fans, as the film is better known in a modern context for its uncanny valley visuals.

The Polar Express, hailed as the first-ever feature film to capture all its performances digitally, has aged quite a bit in the two decades since its release, with digital effects having come a long way in that time.

For this reason, it would seem that many audiences would prefer a re-shot and re-released version of the original movie more than a Polar Express 2, though a sequel could still serve to deliver stunning new visuals.

Based On The Book

the polar express 2

The Polar Express was based on the Chris Van Allsburg children’s book of the same title, which was originally published in 1985. The 2004 film adapted the full story of the book fairly accurately, leaving no further source material left over for a possible Polar Express 2.

Of course, there are endless sequel possibilities for the franchise, including revisiting the characters from the original film decades later, or introducing a whole new cast of youngsters to board the magical train.

Other Sequels Coming?

the polar express 2

When Gary Goetzman discussed the possibility of producing The Polar Express 2, he mentioned the film as one among a wide array of movies he’d like to revisit with sequels.

Other films on Goetzman’s list include Where The Wild Things Are, and a possible third installment in the Mamma Mia franchise.

As it stands, the acclaimed producer touts a massive filmography of over 75 IMDb credits, leaving him with plenty of options for sequels and franchising opportunities.

The Polar Express 2

Despite the original film becoming something of a meme in a number of online circles due to its uncanny visuals, many audiences would likely welcome a Polar Express 2 outing with open arms.

The magical story is perfect for instilling a bit of holiday cheer in young audiences, and even serves as traditional holiday viewing in some homes, alongside other classics like Home Alone, A Christmas Story, and Die Hard.