The Omen Proves Streaming Can’t Get It Together

By Brian Myers | Published

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At a time when horror fans can see some high-profile prequels, sequels, and reboots within their favorite genre franchises, one might think that the multitude of streaming services would be lining up to showcase the original films in any cinematic universe that has a new installment arriving at theaters. But the fact that The Omen (1976) isn’t able to be streamed ahead of the release of The First Omen (2024) is solid evidence that these platforms are failing fans.

Replacing A Child

The Omen centers around United States Ambassador Robert Thorn and his wife Katherine, whose newborn child is pronounced dead after delivery.

Unbeknownst to Katherine, Robert replaces the infant with one given to him by a hospital chaplain, the child just having lost his mother during childbirth.

The child given to the Thorns isn’t what he seems, and a sinister plot is soon revealed that ties him to the Devil himself.

Critical And Commercial Success

The Omen was met with great critical and commercial success after its release in theaters, due to a combination of its intricate and terrifying plotline, chilling cinematic score, and masterful direction.

The star power in the cast certainly helped elevate the film at the box office, with veteran actors Gregory Peck, David Warner, and Lee Remick each giving incredible and believable performances.

The Omen Sequels

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The Omen spawned three sequels, including the upcoming release of The First Omen. A 2006 remake of the original film was also produced, as well as two different television series. What is frustrating to many fans is that, while each sequel and the remake is available to stream, the film that began it all is only available to rent or buy on demand.

The First Omen Is A Prequel

A great supplement for the new fans of the franchise would be to have streaming access to The Omen.

As The First Omen serves as a prequel to the events that plagued the Thorn family, it would be only fitting to have this film readily available for audiences to view for the first time, or for older fans that want to experience it again and enhance their viewing of the upcoming release to the franchise.

The Omen And Others Not Available

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The Omen‘s lack of availability isn’t the only horror original that is conspicuously missing from the streaming libraries.

With the recent releases of The Nun and The Exorcist: Believer, the ability to watch the first in the film series without paying to rent it is also a disappointment. It’s also indicative that these streaming services are not doing horror fans any justice.

Can Be Rented, But Not Streaming On Services

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The ability to have massive streaming libraries has made many studios shy away from re-releasing older films onto physical forms of media.

And while The Omen can be rented online, there are a great number of horror favorites that don’t have platform viewing options at all and could fade into total obscurity if streaming services don’t give them the recognition that fans feel that they deserve.

The First Omen arrives in theaters on Friday, April 5th. It stars Nell Tiger Free, Ralph Ineson, Sonia Braga, and Tawfeek Barhom.

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