The Office Crosses Over With DC, See The Wild Results

By Kevin C. Neece | Updated

The cast of The Office

Characters from The Office seem to have made a cameo appearance in a recent issue of DC’s Nightwing. Specifically, issue #105 features what appears to be most all the major players from the famed NBC sitcom. The Easter egg was spotted by TikTok user schubydoobert.

According to schoobydubert, this means the characters from The Office are now canonical DC characters. This is up for some debate as the characters are never named in the issue, nor is the office depicted stated to be that of Dunder Mifflin. If it had been, the comic book publisher would surely have heard from NBC/Universal about it.

A DC fan has pointed out that Nightwing #105 includes cameo appearances by the cast of The Office.

While not an official DC crossover with The Office, schoobydubert makes a compelling case that almost the entire cast is featured in the issue’s brief scene. (Poor Toby seems to have been in HR, missing all the fun.) While all the characters seem to be intentionally evoked, Stanley is especially recognizable, and characteristically, in schoobydubert’s words, “doesn’t care.”

Nightwing #105

The DC Comics Nightwing issue is also interesting for being a POV issue, with everything—including the characters from The Office—seen from Nightwing’s perspective. The visual storytelling tool is interesting, giving us a view of Nightwing’s day, from seeing himself in his morning bathroom mirror to putting his mask on. We even see his perspective as a character appearing to be Karen asks him what floor he wants in the elevator after he crashes through the window.

The Office may not officially be part of the DC Universe, but The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert is a real comic book fans can purchase.

Characters from The Office apparently depicted in the DC universe in this issue include (in order of appearance) Phyllis, Creed, Jim, Kelly, Dwight, Stanley, Angela, Michael, Karen, Ryan, and Darryl. Near Angela, schoobydubert also points out a character he refers to as Rose, but we think it’s actually the red-haired Meredith, as Rose was a CPR instructor who was only in one episode of the series.

Other notable absences along with Toby include Pam, Erin, Andy, and Oscar, unless schoobydubert misidentified anyone else.

Nightwing #105

While this doesn’t technically make the characters from The Office part of DC canon, as they are never named, it’s fun to see the clear tribute paid to the series in this issue of Nightwing. It makes us wonder if the two corporations involved could ever decide it would be okay to do an official crossover and what it would look like.

What bizarre hijinks might the collection of weirdos at Dunder Mifflin get up to when superheroes get involved in their world?

What if The Office really was in the DC Universe

If DC ever decides to revisit the characters from The Office, we suppose it could be when Nightwing returns to fix the window he broke, as he promises to do. As Karen remarks to him on his way out of the elevator that she’s a “big fan,” it would be interesting to see if she gets caught up in the adventure in her own way.

Dwight could step up to the occasion, donning his spare superhero costume, which could look like the one Rainn Wilson wore in Super. There are lots of possibilities we’d love to imagine, but for now, it’s just cool to see our favorite paper company’s employees featured in a comic book.