The Matrix 4 Trailer Debuts And Reveals The Official Title

The Matrix 4 has gotten its first major reveal.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Perhaps the only thing that has been the most awaited ever since HBO Max rolled out its slate of films for 2021 is The Matrix 4. For an infuriatingly long amount of time now, the fourth film in the Matrix series has been a big question mark….no, cross that, it has been a buffet of countless question marks! Forget how Keanu Reeves’ Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity could be back in the Matrix, we didn’t even know the title of the film. But thankfully, the first trailer of The Matrix 4 has debuted and along with the official title of the film. 

But before you get your hopes up, let us clarify that the trailer for The Matrix 4, or as we now know, The Matrix: Resurrections, is yet to be released on social media. It was debuted by Warner Bros during its CinemaCon presentation and thus has only been seen by the crowd in attendance during the event. But there is plenty of information about what happens in the trailer and it paints a neat picture of the kind of world The One, i.e., Neo is now stuck in. As reported by Deadline and Cinemablend, the trailer begins with Neil Patrick Harris, who plays Neo’s therapist in the film. Reeves is once again Thomas Anderson, the name he was known by in the first The Matrix film. He is troubled by constant dreams which feel too real to be scenarios cooked up by his tired brain and feels that he is going crazy. 

We of course know that these are not dreams but his past memories, which were presumably suppressed deeply before he was forced back into the Matrix. Throughout The Matrix 4 trailer, there are multiple scenes of Thomas taking in blue pills, reminiscent of the red-pill-blue-pill scene in the first film where Neo chose the red pill, thus picking the truth in opposition to the make-believe world he had been living in. As we know that Neo would never take the blue pill willingly, it appears that someone is making the decision for him and perhaps the scenes imply that his psyche is trying to break the conditioning he has been put through, only for it to be suppressed again. In one scene, a blue pill falls in the sink, and Neo’s reflection in the mirror distorts into an old man. 

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Halfway through The Matrix 4 trailer, Thomas comes across Carrie Anne Moss’ Trinity in a cafe. The feeling that they have met before is there, but it’s evident that the life they shared in the first three films is now a blurred aspect of their memories, something which they can’t easily access. In another scene, Neo is approached by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as the young Morpheus who offers him the red-pill-blue-pill choice and this time, Neo takes the red pill. 

For those wondering whether Keanu Reeves will resume the short-cut hairstyle and clean-shaven look of Neo from the past films or sport a new look, the actor has long hair and his John Wick goatee in the film. The trailer also confirms that there is also the usual abundance of spectacular action and special effects in The Matrix 4, right from stunts involving motorcycles, helicopters, rocket launchers to jumping off buildings, kung-fu, as well as the incredible slow-motion bullet scenes. 

There are still some big questions that The Matrix 4 trailer doesn’t answer like how Neo and Trinity are back in the Matrix, especially since both died at the end of The Matrix: Revolution. Not just their consciousness in the simulated reality but they actually died. Also, even if his consciousness was re-inserted into the Matrix, how can he still be the One given that the Prime Program which makes him special is just an equation that randomly attaches itself to a person and in the past, all the saviors have been different. So, how could Neo be The One for the second time? Well, these are questions only the release of The Matrix: Resurrections on December 16, 2021, can answer,