Netflix’s The Last Kingdom Getting A Feature Film

Netflix cancelled The Last Kingdom, but now, they have a movie on the way.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Previously, Netflix announced that season five would be the final run for The Last Kingdom. While that’s still true, a new exclusive report from Deadline has announced that new content is still on the way. The show’s main character, Uhted, will soon be getting his own movie. Seven Kings Must Die doesn’t yet have a release date, but is set to begin filming in Budapest before the final season hits Netflix. That should mean fans won’t have long to wait after the final season airs before they get to see Alexander Dreymon reprise his lead role in the movie.

Savvy fans may be concerned about what the announced film will mean for the finale of The Last Kingdom. Typically, a spinoff movie project happens after a series has been cancelled and given an unsatisfactory conclusion. Fans demand more, and a movie is made. This usually happens a few years, or sometimes even decades, after a show’s conclusion. This happened with fan-favorite shows like Firefly, Dead Like Me, and others. However, The Last Kingdom producer, Nigel Marchant, has already thought ahead and addressed this. Nigel Marchant promises that the series will end in a satisfactory way for audiences, saying that it “fully concludes the series.”

So why is the movie happening then? He explained that while the series is complete on its own, they needed the movie because “there was always one more story that we wanted to tell.” Fortunately for them, while Netflix did cancel their series, the streaming service agreed to take on the movie. The team behind this project has yet to share the details of what that story will include, other than to say the movie will see the same lead character, played by the same actor, so fans of The Last Kingdom should be excited for this project. It sounds like something the creators are passionate about, which is always a good sign for fans.

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The Last Kingdom got its start on BBC. Netflix teamed up with BBC to create season two, eventually bringing the series over to Netflix for its third season. While fans may be disappointed that the series is ending after season five, so far, the streaming service has been something of a champion for the series. With the cancellation announced before they got started on the final season, and with the new movie on top of everything, it should mean that the writers are going to have the opportunity to create the right ending for the series.

The final season is going to be ten episodes long. Fans had hoped it would be released in November 2021, or even in December alongside The Witcher, but that isn’t the case. According to Deadline, The Last Kingdom won’t see its final season hit Netflix until sometime in the first half of 2022. Unfortunately, the streaming service hasn’t given fans a more specific date yet, but as they make plans for their new movie, they may be ready to announce a release date for season five soon.