Supernatural Reunion On The Boys Thanks To Another Series Getting Canceled?

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Just as fans of The CW’s Walker are drying their tears after the announcement that the series will not be returning, Eric Kripke swooped in with some news that might help turn those frowns upside down(s). Kripke is the creative mind behind both The Boys and Supernatural and says that he’d love to bring Walker star Jared Padalecki on board for what would turn into a Supernatural reunion.

Jared Padalecki On The Boys?

jared padalecki the boys supernatural

The showrunner even went so far as to say that “texts” have been exchanged between the pair and that he’s hoping that with more open space on his schedule, Padalecki will be able to “come in and play” with the folks behind the satirical superhero series.

Jared Padalecki’s hopeful appearance on The Boys would be far from the first time the show has had a sort of crossover with Supernatural.

Jensen Ackles Is Soldier Boy

jensen ackles the boys supernatural

Last season, Jensen Ackles, who portrayed Padalecki’s on-screen brother Dean Winchester in Supernatural, appeared as Soldier Boy.

And the upcoming fourth season will see Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who appeared as the brothers’ father, John Winchester, hold down a guest starring role.

Essentially, Padalecki’s role – no matter how big or small – would be the missing puzzle piece in bringing the Winchesters together once again.

More Than Just A Cameo?

jared padalecki the boys supernatural

So, does Eric Kripke have a character in mind for Jared Padalecki should he make his way onto the diabolically fun Prime Video series?

While he doesn’t discuss specifics, The Boys creator says that he’d be willing to give the Supernatural star even a “one-episode thing” if he participated.

But, knowing Kripke and how his mind has worked when it comes to The Boys, we’d wager a guess that he has something more planned – specifically if Padalecki was to appear in the capacity that Ackles did last season.

The End Of Supernatural

What we’re sure of is that Jared Padalecki isn’t one to sit still for very long, making it all the more possible that the actor will guest star on The Boys, that is, if how he rounded out his time on Supernatural is any indication.

After 15 seasons, Supernatural came to an end back in 2020, and, while one would think Padalecki took some time off to breathe before jumping into a new project, that wasn’t the case at all. Bouncing from one huge production to another, the actor quickly traded in his Supernatural character’s trademark jacket for a pistol, badge, and cowboy hat for The CW’s Walker.

Walker Coming To An End

The series served as a reboot of the role first made famous by Chuck Norris in Walker, Texas Ranger, and ran for four seasons on the network before receiving the ax this week.

The popularity of the drama reached its peak around Seasons 2 and 3, even earning itself a prequel project titled Walker: Independence which was canceled after just one season. Although it couldn’t be farther from The Boys and Supernatural, fans of the latter flocked to see Padalecki in his new role, proving that what’s been dubbed “the Supernatural family” would support him in all of his future endeavors.

The Boys Returning In June

While we wait for further information on our very hopeful The Boys and Supernatural crossover, fans can expect to see the former return for its fourth season on June 13.

Audiences can also go into it knowing that there will be more punches, explosions, and gore where that came from as the series has already been greenlit for Season 5.

Source: Entertainment Weekly