Taylor Swift Destroys Sylvester Stallone And She’s Just Getting Started

By Douglas Helm | Updated

Taylor Swift in Amsterdam

It’s looking like every season will be Taylor Swift season this year. Her Eras tour was the event of the summer, and she has been the star of every Chiefs football game this fall. Hollywood is next for the Swift takeover, as her upcoming concert film Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour sold more than $100 million in advance tickets globally as of today, meaning it has already surpassed the total box office for The Expendables 4 and beaten the opening weekend for The Flash despite not even being out yet (via Deadline).

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is opening to 8,500 theatres across 100 countries in a week, and AMC has said demand has been huge “from the largest cities to the smallest towns.” The concert film, directed by Sam Wrench, should revitalize the recent box office slump that has been happening as SAG-AFTRA actors on strike are currently not promoting their films. The Eras film, however, reached a SAG-AFTRA interim agreement that allows Swift to promote the film as she takes a hiatus from her ongoing Eras tour.

Taylor Swift has already sold over $100 million in tickets for her concert film, blowing past the total box office for The Expendables 4.

Taylor Swift is set to start her Eras tour back up on November 9 in Buenos Aires. In the meantime, Hollywood isn’t the only one benefiting from the new effect, as Swift’s reported new relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has led to a major bump for both Kelce and the NFL as a whole.

Ticket sales and viewership numbers are up for the NFL, while Kelce has seen hundreds of thousands of new Instagram followers along with skyrocketing jersey sales.

taylor swift movie
Taylor Swift

It goes to show that Taylor Swift’s massive fanbase certainly can move the financial needle in just about any industry. Swift’s Eras tour, which takes fans on a three-plus hour journey through her musical eras, has already broken ticket records around the world. It’s on track to become the biggest concert in history, with the potential to break over $1 billion in gross sales.

The Eras Tour is already one of the most popular concert films of all time, as Taylor Swift is poised to conquer the 2023 box office.

Taylor Swift’s Eras tour sold over 2.4 million tickets on the first day of the US presale alone, making it the most tickets sold by an artist in one day. With 146 dates across five continents, it’s also the most expansive tour Swift has ever done. The tour has even expanded beyond just the sphere of pop culture, with the political impact of anti-scalping laws and pricing regulations arising from a Ticketmaster controversy and economic boons for cities that host the tour.

Overall, 2023 has been a massive win for Taylor Swift, who will be continuing her hot streak with the Eras Tour film. The movie will be premiering in theaters on October 13, which will be preceded by an October 11 world premiere in Los Angeles. The film is projected to take home $100 to $125 million on its opening weekend, but it wouldn’t be surprising if that number was surpassed.

Taylor Swift’s global box office, before The Eras Tour concert film is out, has gone past the opening weekend for The Flash.

Taylor Swift won’t be the only major musician releasing a highly-anticipated concert film this year. Beyonce will also be releasing a concert film of her own on December 1 for her Renaissance tour. The critically acclaimed Talking Heads concert film Stop Making Sense was also re-released in theaters for the 40th anniversary and has grossed $1 million as of last weekend.