Surprise Horror Hit Announces Unexpected Sequel

By TeeJay Small | Published

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Eli Roth has begun developing Thanksgiving 2, a sequel to the runaway horror hit that premiered just last month. Roth confirmed the sequel via social media, remarking that Sony had given him the green light to begin working on the film, which should be released sometime around Thanksgiving 2025.

Thanksgiving 1 Hinted At John Carvers Return

Though it is still far too early to know what the film will entail, Roth has repeatedly utilized the phrase “come back for seconds” while decrying that John Carver will in fact kill again, hinting at some early conceptual ideas for Thanksgiving 2.

Thanksgiving Is A Box Office Hit

With an estimated production budget of only $15 million, and a global return of over $30 million, Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving slasher film is a certified box office hit. The theatrical run for the film hasn’t concluded quite yet, meaning the film is on course to more than double its initial return, especially when factoring in Roth’s comments that the original horror feature is even better the second time around. Given the critical and commercial success of the film, it was only a matter of time before Thanksgiving 2 received the official order.

More Than A Decade In The Making

Under the distribution banner of Sony’s Tristar, Thanksgiving 2 is currently scheduled for a 2025 release date, with all the key players returning to their positions to reignite the magic spark that brought so much success to the production the first time around. Though fans will be plagued with a nearly two-year-long wait, this serves as a small speed bump in the road for those who have waited for the first Thanksgiving film for nearly two decades.The film was first dreamt up in 2007 when Roth joined forces with Quentin Tarantino to produce the Grindhouse double feature, which consisted of Tarantino’s Death Proof, Roth’s Planet Terror, and a host of pulpy cinematic trailers for conceptualized films that didn’t really exist.

The Next Big Slasher Franchise

thanksgiving eli roth

While the gimmick for the Grindhouse trailers began in earnest, the fake films quickly garnered a host of attention, resulting in the feature-length creation of films such as Hobo with a Shotgun, Machete, and Thanksgiving. From 2007 until this year, fans clamored and begged for a feature-length Thanksgiving film, resulting in the box office smash observed this month. Now that Thanksgiving 2 has been officially announced, fans have become even more enamored with the creation of the next great slasher franchise.

Thanksgiving 2 Releases In 2025

In his direct message to fans shared via Instagram, Eli Roth vowed to work hard alongside his longtime friend and collaborator Jeff Rendell to bring a spectacular Thanksgiving 2 script to life over the course of the next year or so. In the video, Roth claims that it has always been his dream to craft a beloved slasher franchise, vowing to go above and beyond for the sequel, with hopes of converting traditional horror haters along the way. While it may be some time before we have the opportunity to actually see John Carver return to the dining table of doom, fans can rest assured that Thanksgiving 2 will be bigger and better than ever before when it finally hits theaters in 2025.