Suicide Squad ISEKAI Looks Better Than Most DC Movies

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

Suicide Squad Isekai

While the DC Universe has undergone a number of cinematic adaptions, nothing quite compares with the upcoming Suicide Squad Isekai. A collaboration between Warner Bros. Japan and Wit Studios, the new venture should breathe fresh life into the world of DC animated features: check out its mind-blowing trailer

Suicide Squad Isekai Possibilities

The international, animated project may constitute a new realm of possibilities. After all, it’s set in an alternate reality, one outside DC’s core canon. Fans will immediately—and understandably—compare this off-canon relocation to Elsewhere comics.

The movie will center around Harley Quinn (voiced by Anna Nagase)—and also Deadshot (Reigo Yamaguchi), Peacemaker (Takehito Koyasu), Clayface (Jun Fukuyama), and King Shark (Subaru Kimura). 

Demons And Mystical Powers

Suicide Squad Isekai

Together, the team navigates a world overflowing with demons and mystical powers, an otherworldly realm governed by swords and magic. This environment, enriching Suicide Squad Isekai, starkly contrasts the urban chaos of Gotham, steeped in the Batman mythos as it is. 

But for many fans, this innovation may be a refreshing twist on the familiar. 

Still Task Force X

Suicide Squad Isekai

And not all will be unfamiliar. For example, the project’s narrative premise revolves around the same old Task Force X we all know and love, dispatched by Amanda Waller on a clandestine mission through an interdimensional portal.

The trailer implies a dynamic narrative in which the Joker (voiced by Yūichirō Umehara) attempts to dominate this modified take on the familiar universe. 

Thankfully, as expected, the Suicide Squad enlivening the Isekai installment is tasked with thwarting his sinister plans. Seemingly lacking their typical supply of guns and hammers, however, the crew must adjust to the new world’s unique challenges.

Great Animation

The project benefits from the stunning art direction of Wit Studio, famed for their work on Jujutsu Kaisen.

The studio’s brilliance is on full display in the trailer, featuring gorgeously choreographed fight scenes—a hallmark of their top-notch animation.

Eri Osada is slated to direct the film, with a script penned by Tappei Nagatsuki and Eiji Umehara, ensuring a movie combining visual brilliance and narrative prowess. 

Best DC Has To Offer?

Suicide Squad Isekai

Hopefully, Suicide Squad Isekai compensates for previous misfires, as the superhero franchise has seen its fair share of ups and downs.

These include David Ayer’s poorly received 2016 movie and the tepidly reviewed 2021 reboot by James Gunn. Some even contend that successful spin-offs (Peacemaker and Harley Quinn) failed to nail the franchise’s essence.

Still, fans hope this Japanese incarnation, sporting a unique setting and unfamiliar narrative approach, will compellingly redefine the squad’s place in the DC Universe. 

New Look At The Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Isekai

Should this happen, the upcoming film (set to premiere in 2024) will usher in a new era, contributing a novel perspective to familiar characters.

Given that, when it comes to character design, Suicide Squad Isekai involves the work of manga artists Akira Amano and Naoto Hosoda, DC devotees are particularly hyped. 

As any of these DC-heads will tell you, the Suicide Squad is a notorious team of antiheroes and incarcerated supervillains functioning as Task Force X for the U.S. government.

Taking on high-risk black ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences, the squad comprises a volatile blend of unique abilities and unpredictable, volatile personalities, constantly teetering on the edge of chaos and heroism. 

We can’t wait to see how they’re depicted in Suicide Squad Isekai.