How Steve Trevor Is Alive In Wonder Woman 1984

Steve Trevor is alive in the trailers for Wonder Woman 1984 and that's something of a surprise.

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Steve Trevor alive in Wonder Woman 1984

Steve Trevor is alive in the trailers for Wonder Woman 1984 and that’s something of a surprise. In the first movie, Steve (played by Chris Pine) died saving the world. We did not see his body at the time of his death, but it was pretty clear Steve Trevor was dead. Somehow though, the trailers for Wonder Woman 1984 show Steve Trevor not only being alive, but still the same age he was during World War I despite it being nearly 70 years later.

So how is Steve Trevor alive in Wonder Woman 1984? And why hasn’t he aged since World War I? We have the answer. But first let’s revisit how Steve Trevor died in the first place.

In the 2017 Wonder Woman movie, Diana falls in love with an American named Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine). The first movie ends with Steve Trevor sacrificing himself to save London. He boards a bomber loaded with deadly gas the Germans intend to drop on England, leaving behind his watch and telling Diana he loves her. Once on the bomer Steve soon discovers he can’t actually stop it, so he flies the bomber up to a safe height and detonates it while he’s still inside.

Below is the last time we see Trevor on screen in Wonder Woman

Steve Trevor dying

And this is what happens to Steve Trevor’s plane approximately 2 seconds later. His plane is that little explosion up in the corner below…

Wonder Woman

Though we never actually see Steve Trevor’s body or anything, it is pretty clear in the context of the movie that Steve Trevor is very much not alive by the end of the first Wonder Woman movie. So how is Steve Trevor still alive in Wonder Woman 1984? The answer is revealed in a Wonder Woman 1984 junior novelization of the movie which was recently released.

Good news Steve Trevor! You do!

Read no further if you don’t want to be totally and completely spoiled for Wonder Woman 1984


Steve Trevor alive

So how is Steve Trevor alive after having so clearly died? In the recently released Wonder Woman 1984 junior novelization it reveals that Steve Trevor is alive due to something called the Dreamstone. In DC Comics lore the Dreamstone is an artifact used by Dark Elves which can manifest the desires of its user.

Diana comes across the Dreamstone while sorting through artifacts being smuggled into the US, along with her frenemy Cheetah. Diana knows what it is an explains that the Dreamstone has the power of the gods, much like her Lasso of Truth. She uses it to wish for Steve’s return, and he does.

Unfortunately, the Dreamstone is basically cursed, a creation of the god of lies (not Loki, that’s Marvel) and bad things seem to happen to whoever uses it. Steve Trevor is only alive as long as the Dreamstone exists and if they are forced to destroy the Dreamstone then Steve Trevor dies all over again.

So why is Steve Trevor alive in Wonder Woman 1984? The short answer is: magic. The screenwriting answer is: So they can force Diana to kill him in order to save the world. That’s right, it seems like Steve Trevor will have to sacrifice himself for the good of the world all over again. This guy just can’t stop dying to save humanity. On the flipside, Diana Prince is single. Check your Tinder.