See Steve Carell Rant In A Newly Released Cold-Open Scene For The Office

Steve Carell plays Michael Scott and has now been shown in a never-before-seen "cold open." See the newly released scene from The Office below.

By James Brizuela | Published

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The Office is the show that keeps on giving. Although the series ended in 2013, there have been several appearances, podcasts, and reunions of sorts that have appeared on the internet and television. Because why wouldn’t there be? The show is one of the funniest that has ever been created. Now, as part of a sort of revival for the show, Peacock has been releasing The Office Superfan Episodes. These episodes have covered seasons 1, 2, and 3, and now 4, that have premiered on the streaming platform. Steve Carell plays Michael Scott and has now been shown in a never-before-seen “cold open.”

See the newly released scene from The Office below.

A cold open for a television series is one where the jokes being told are not directly related to the actual episode in terms of plot or story. The cold open exists on its own and just offers a glimpse of some funny occurrence that has happened. The above video shows the cold open that has been released by Peacock. As per usual, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) gets himself into a bit of trouble, on the toilet. You can hear Michael screaming “no!” several times as his right-hand man, Dwight, rushes to save him. Michael returns to the office with Dwight in tow, and his personal items seem to be in a napkin. They have clearly fallen into the toilet, or so it seems.

What is great about Michael Scott and Steve Carell’s portrayal of him is his very obvious attempts to create good ideas that are clearly awful in nature. However fans want to interpret this cold open, it appears that Scott has merely lied about his items falling into the toilet so he can then attempt to sell his new “invention” to his coworkers. The said invention is just a tennis racket that has the handle cut off. The items that have fallen in contain a wallet, cell phone, and candy corn of all things. The candy corn is certainly an on-brand item for Michael Scott to have in his pocket.

This new cold open is part of the aforementioned The Office Superfan Episodes that have covered seasons 1, 2, and 3, and now 4 are essentially the same episodes that fans have already seen but they deliver even more unseen content. New cold opens, deleted scenes, bloopers, featurettes, and interviews that catalog the show’s epic nine-season run. The above cold open is part of season 4, which has also been added to Peacock. If this cold open is any indication about what else fans are able to see in these new and expanded episodes, it sure sounds like a must-watch. Putting Steve Carell in anything usually equates to great viewing.

Steve Carell left the show after 2011, and the show remained funny, though there was clearly something missing. It is going to be great to watch The Office Superfan Episodes relive the magic that was created by Michael Scott. The fact that this cold open is called “Toilet Humor” should tell fans all they need to know about what is going to transpire in the video.