Stargate: Timekeepers Free Demo Available Right Now

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

stargate timekeepers

Stargate: SG-1 doesn’t always get enough credit for being one of the first successful television reboots of the modern era. It helped to transform a quirky sci-fi film with a cult following into an ambitious and sprawling franchise with fans all over the world. Those fans are understandably hungry for some new content, and to those fans, we’ve got good news: You can now play a free demo of Slitherine Games’ Stargate: Timekeepers on Steam.

The First Mission Of Stargate: Timekeepers Is Free To Play On Steam

If you’re used to the episodic adventures of Stargate: SG-1, then you might enjoy the novel way that the developer is releasing this game to the fandom. For example, this free demo allows fans to play the first mission, and that’s a great way to get a feel for whether they will like the full game or not. However, it may take some time to experience the game in its entirety: while the finished Timekeepers will have a total of 14 missions, only seven will be available when the game launches on December 14, with the remaining seven releasing “as a free update in the first quarter of 2024.”

The Strategy Game Is PC Exclusive

What is Stargate: Timekeepers all about, though? In terms of format, the game is exclusive to PC (sorry, console cowboys) and features real-time strategy gameplay. The free demo is currently available to download on Steam and offers a great taste of the RTS gameplay Timekeepers has to offer.

Stargate: Timekeepers Follows The Storyline After SG-1 Season 3

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In terms of plot, Stargate: Timekeepers is an original tale that is very likely to please fans of this long-running franchise. The plot branches out from the third season of Stargate: SG-1, and the game’s opening cinematic sets up its very first mission which “will take place on the ground in the aftermath of the Battle of Antarctica (“Lost City”).” For better or for worse, the game features new characters rather than more familiar ones.

Specifically, Stargate: Timekeepers features “F-302 pilot Eva McCain and a brand new team” who begin by helping SG-1 fight the fleet of Anubis but soon get caught up in their own misadventures. According to Slitherine Games, these new heroes will need to do things like “help the Jaffa Resistance, prevent brutal rituals, strike against Moloc’s army, and seek an alliance with the Unas.”

Timekeepers Introduces New Characters To Play

While longtime Stargate fans may be wary of a game featuring new characters rather than old favorites, the fact that each team member is fully voiced by professional VAs should help bring everyone to life in an exciting way. Plus, meeting new characters in this universe seems quite fitting: the original Stargate film came out over 29 years ago, but it wasn’t until Stargate: SG-1 that this universe was fully fleshed out with new characters, cultures, and creatures. Growing and evolving is firmly within the DNA of this venerable franchise, and Timekeepers is merely its latest evolutionary branch.

The Full Game Releases December 12


If you want to check out the new Stargate: Timekeepers game for yourself, the free demo is currently available through Steam. The download is only 2.5 gigabytes, and if you like the game well enough, you can go ahead and pre-order it through Steam ahead of its December 12 release. With any luck (and enough fans ordering the game), we might get more games and other content to help us explore the most creative science fiction franchise since Star Trek.