Star Trek Fan-Favorite Novel Now Available As An Audiobook Read By The Original Actor

By Sean Thiessen | Published

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Andrew Robinson as Garak on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The Star Trek expanded universe novel A Stitch in Time is beloved by Trekkies. It follows the Deep Space Nine fan-favorite Elim Garak, and was even written by original Garak actor Andrew J. Robinson. Now Robinson has outdone himself; The Mary Sue reports that the actor and author has narrated an audiobook version of A Stitch in Time, once again breathing life into Garak.

Andrew Robinson played Garak on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but he also wrote a novel about his character that’s now available as an audiobook recorded by the star himself.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ran for seven seasons from 1993 to 1999. Robinson appeared as Garak in the second episode of the series. Originally intended as a one-off character, his performance and chemistry with Dr. Bashir actor Alexander Siddig inspired the writers to make Garak a regular.

Garak works as a tailor on the space station Deep Space Nine. He is charming and positive, but often hints at a dark and mysterious past. Garak is an exiled spy who once served as a member of the Cardassian intelligence organization called the Obsidian Order. 

Garak returned for 37 of Deep Space Nine’s 176 episodes. For many Star Trek fans, that was not enough. Garak has been elaborated on in fan fiction, comic books, and novels, but A Stitch in Time holds a special place in the hearts of fans. 

Robinson based the novel on a collection of journal entries he wrote as Garak during his time filming Deep Space Nine. The actor made a habit of reading these entries to fans at conventions, providing insight into the vulnerabilities of a normally guarded character. Delighted by the intimate revelations about the character, fans encouraged Robinson to publish the entries.

Garak appeared in only 37 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s episodes, but he’s one of the shows biggest breakout characters.

The result was A Stitch in Time. This unique piece of Star Trek fiction presents itself as a letter written by Garak to Dr. Bashir, exploring Garak’s history, the Cardassian culture, and even Garak’s feelings for Bashir.

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Bashir and Garak in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The passionate undertones of the story have delighted many readers who sensed the seeds of romance being sowed in Deep Space Nine. Even though the series never committed to exploring the relationship as romantic, Robinson and Siddig have indulged curious Star Trek fans by reading Garak/Bashir relationship fanfiction together.

Robinson has since confirmed that he played Garak as being romantically interested in Dr. Bashir, and Deep Space Nine showrunner stated that Garak was, in fact, gay. This insight makes Elim Garak the first LGBTQ+ character to appear on screen in the Star Trek canon.

The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel A Stitch in Time was originally released in 2000, and started as an in-character diary Robinson wrote as Garak.

A Stitch in Time also explores the aftermath of the Dominion War from the perspective of Garak. He writes the letter to Bashir from his home world of Cardassia, which he helps to restore after the downfall of its militaristic government. It is a deep and personal expansion of Deep Space Nine lore and one of its most beloved characters.

A Stitch in Time was published in 2000, and the original print is a coveted treasure among Star Trek fans. Now the Garak story is cementing itself in Star Trek history as the only audiobook to have been written and narrated by the actor who originated the role of its subject. 

The audiobook, published by Simon & Schuster, is available now for purchase.

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