New Star Trek Movie Officially Announced, Being Made By Marvel Team

The next Star Trek movie is officially happening. We have all the details.

By Doug Norrie | Updated

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There have been rumors flying around, seemingly forever, about what the next actual Star Trek movie would look like. All kinds of people have been in consideration with the story taking a number of different paths within the franchise. Well, now we have some actual word on where this franchise is going and it’s got some major names attached.

Deadline is reporting that the next Star Trek movie will have Matt Shakman on as director with Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson writing the script. From a creative perspective, this team could have the franchise set up for a huge leap forward into the future. 

While many have speculated about who would take over the next Star Trek movie, it rarely amounted to anything more than excited speculation. To have it in the hands of this crew is an amazing development for the franchise. Matt Shakman is, of course, just coming off a limited series run for Marvel on Disney+ with WandaVision. It was a genre-bending looking into the “reality” of the titular Wanda as she made the transformation to the Scarlet Witch within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

As far as the Star Trek movie script is concerned, the writing pair that signed on could take this in a number of different directions. Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworet come from somewhat different spaces but have an amazing number of works on their resume and in the pipeline as well. Beer is a relative newcomer but already has Pet Sematary and a spec script with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the works along with Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicle adaptation announced as well. Then there is Robertson who penned Captain Marvel and has Artemis coming in the future. The two have also been working on the upcoming Silver Sable series as well. 

Scene from Star Trek Beyond

The last Star Trek movie came back in 2016 with Stark Trek Beyond which effectively wrapped up the Chris Pine as Captain Kirk storyline. The previous two movies had JJ Abrams at the helm with 2009s Star Trek reboot and 2013s Star Trek Into Darkness earning solid reviews for the franchise. But this story was thought to have run its course with Beyond after a somewhat underwhelming $344 million at the box office on a $185 million budget. 

After that, the next Star Trek movie has been a series of stops and starts with the leads signing on to new contracts only to have everything basically run in place. All kinds of names have circled around the flick with names like Quentin Tarantino apparently getting into the mix and then later Noah Hawley pitching a script as well. But none of that ever came to fruition. 

The Star Trek franchise is experiencing a resurgence in their small-screen content on Paramount+ with the streamer carrying Star Trek: Picard, Discovery, and animated projects like Lower Decks and Prodigy. In this way, the timing is perfect to re-up the movie side of this franchise. This new creative team has to give fans massive hope around the future with the group involved all on the serious rise. We could be in for not only a reboot of the franchise, but the chance to bring it to places no man or woman has gone before. 

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