Star Trek: Discovery Just Paid Tribute To Enterprise’s Captain Archer

By Josh Tyler | 6 seconds ago

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Captain Archer

The debut episode of Star Trek: Discovery’s season 4 on Paramount’s streaming service contains a lot of self-congratulatory back-slapping over what they accomplished in the previous season. To be fair, even though most of what happened in season 3 made almost no sense, the end result was basically the crew of Discovery saving the entire Federation. They probably deserve a thank you or two.

During all the celebrating, the Federation’s new president announced a new direction for their union of planets. They’re resuming Starfleet’s mission of exploration and to kick things off they’ve built a new spacedock to construct more ship’s of explanation. Appropriately, they’ve named that spacedock after Starfleet’s first and greatest explorer: Captain Jonathan Archer.

Here it is, Archer Spacedock…

Archer Spacedock

Captain Archer was played by Scott Bakula in the cancelled too soon series Star Trek: Enterprise. That show sought to explore the origins of the Federation, and it was Archer more than anyone else who brought together the planets necessary to make it happen. Enterprise’s four-season run ends with Captain Archer bringing planets like Andoria, Tellar, and Vulcan together with Earth to form their first alliance, one dedicated to peace and exploration. So it makes a lot of sense that the Federation might name something pretty big after him.

For many, Star Trek: Enterprise was the franchise’s last, great series. It hasn’t gotten a lot of love or recognition since it went off the air back in 2004, it seems that Paramount and the people in charge of Trek are finally ready to change that. Hopefully this means they haven’t given up on their plans to bring back Bakula as Archer at some point. We broke the news that they were working on his return earlier this year. The plan is for him to show up in a cameo at some point and if that goes well, we could see Archer get a solo series, in much the same way we’ve gotten Star Trek: Picard.