The Silver Surfer Deserves Their Own Movie Before Fantastic Four

By Jacob VanGundy | Published

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I love the Fantastic Four, particularly The Silver Age, run by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. And while I’m eager to see the MCU’s take on Marvel’s first family, I’m worried about the approach the MCU is taking. It’s been announced that Fantastic Four will introduce not only Reed Richards and company but The Silver Surfer and, likely, Galactus. I’d rather see the MCU start a Silver Surfer movie that introduces The Fantastic Four.

Two Previous Silver Surfer Attempts

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There have already been two failed attempts to bring the Fantastic Four to the big screen and I desperately don’t want to see their origin story again. The Silver Surfer’s backstory, on the other hand, has never been fully explored in film.

Even The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer barely touched on the origin story of the surfer. 

A New Origin Story

A solo film for the Silver Surfer would allow the MCU to tell a new origin story and make audiences care about the Surfer and Galactus before they clash with Earth’s heroes.

Making it clear The Surfer is conflicted with strong motivations to help Galactus makes them a more dynamic character. Showing the audience Zenn-La and the relationship between Shalla Bal and Norrin Radd also gives the choice to eventually defy Galactus more weight.

Julia Garner Playing Shalla Bal

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It’s been announced that Julia Garner will be playing the role of Shalla Bal, having her as The Silver Surfer rather than Norrin Radd. I’m genuinely interested in this role reversal and excited to see Garner’s take on the character, but I’m also a little sad we likely won’t see much of Radd. A solo movie would allow the MCU to introduce their version of the surfer, while also giving fans like me a full movie with Norrin.

Bring On Galactus

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Even more important than developing The Silver Surfer, a solo movie could develop Galactus, one of Marvel’s best villains.

As an ancient, planet-consuming force of nature, Galactus is a cosmic threat that needs to be established as a legitimate threat. An entire movie setting Galactus up as unstoppable would give his arrival on Earth the appropriate amount of gravitas. 

A Better Lead Up To Fantastic Four

A Silver Surfer movie would also be the perfect way to introduce the team before exploring them further in their standalone film.

It worked well for Spider-Man who was introduced to the audience through Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War, there’s no reason to think the same approach wouldn’t work for The Fantastic Four.

Having the Silver Surfer end with the surfer meeting the team for the first time would be a great way to bring them into the universe. 

Silver Surfer Should Pave The Way

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I hope Kevin Feige and Disney stick the landing with Fantastic Four, but I’m worried they’re trying to stuff too much into the team’s first movie.

A Silver Surfer movie could have paved the way for the team to make their MCU debut, without sacrificing the development of Galactus and his herald.

Marvel seems to be taking a more conventional approach to their introduction, but even if it works I think they’re missing out on an opportunity.

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