The Worst Marvel Show Still Getting Season 2?

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

If there are any (unironic) fans of She-Hulk, they might want to pay attention to this: according to ComicBookMovie, the high-ups at Marvel Studios are considering a second season of the show despite the mixed reaction inspired by its first season.

Marvel Studios as a whole is reportedly revisiting its strategy for television series within their Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The Hulk spin-off joins several other projects allegedly up for renewal. 

Studio Changes

These proceedings stem from a significant shift in Marvel’s TV approach. Many might know that, of late, Marvel Studios endured setbacks stemming from Daredevil: Born Again. 

Dissatisfied with the original direction of the show—characterized by a yawn-inducing legal procedural focus (She-Hulk comes to mind) and much-delayed superhero elements—the studio insisted on major changes.

She-Hulk Returning?

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The most significant being that the project’s head writers, Chris Ord and Matt Corman, were shown the door.

Marvel followed this up with an overall adjustment in their approach to content creation; their evolved strategy prioritizes clear vision and direction from the jump, instead of depending upon post-production tweaks and notoriously costly reshoots. 

Part of their pivot, evidently, entails extending the lifespans of shows some might not have expected to get greenlit for further seasons—programs like Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk. 

More Traditional Broadcast Strategy

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Similarly unexpected is Marvel Studios’s commitment to embracing a more traditional broadcasting strategy concerning all their TV content. Said strategy would see the studio blending standalone stories with multiple-season arcs resembling standard TV formats.

Such an approach could represent concerns regarding the over-extension of characters and storylines singly in the name of enlarging Disney+ content. 

Other Series Returning As Well?

Moon Knight Captain America 4

In the vein of dedicating standalone stories to several season arcs, a number of programs find themselves potentially returning to streaming.

In addition to Ms. Marvel’s mention above, Moon Knight might enjoy a second season.

For its part, She-Hulk, while it might also return for a second season, remains unconfirmed when it comes to the speculated World War Hulk project, along with other MCU narratives reportedly in the works. 

She-Hulk Appearing Elsewhere?


Overall, the future of the project, charting the adventures of Jennifer Susan Walters, Bruce Banner’s cousin and recipient of his Hulk-blood, is far from set in stone.

The show has been the subject of both anticipation and speculation. Initially, there were talks about the green lawyer appearing in Captain America: Brave New World; those projections, however, appear to have been off the mark.

And who can forget how pointedly the show was panned for its visual effects when She-Hulk first debuted? If and when it arrives, one would expect a second season to address that criticism. 

Kevin Feige Overseeing Changes


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the shift at Marvel Studios concerning their TV projects—a pivot to more episodic, self-contained storytelling—comes from the top.

Specifically, from Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios. The executive draws inspiration from classic TV formants and franchises such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, aiming to churn out shows balancing compelling cliffhangers with prestige TV-type standalone episode structures.

The strategy aims to augment viewer engagement and provide a blend of immediate gratification with ongoing narrative richness. 

Ultimately, whether this pivot will apply to She-Hulk—or Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight, for that matterremains to be seen.