Sean Penn Is In Ukraine In The Middle Of The Invasion Right Now

Not only is Sean Penn a fantastic actor, but he’s also a noted humanitarian and political activist.

By Douglas Helm | Published

sean penn

Not only is Sean Penn a fantastic actor, but he’s also a noted humanitarian and political activist. That’s why it’s no surprise to hear that Sean Penn is currently on the ground in Ukraine, documenting the invasion. As confirmed by Vice Studios, Penn will be making a documentary about the Russian invasion and provide a clear-eyed look into what’s going on.

Sean Penn appeared at a press briefing in Kyiv, documenting government officials speaking about the conflict. Since he has arrived in Ukraine, he has spoken with the deputy prime minister, members of the military, and various journalists. It looks like Penn is getting as many perspectives as possible about the crisis. With a lot of journalistic and media sources blurring the lines between truth and fiction, it looks like Sean Penn is setting out to reveal the full extent of the tragedies Ukraine is currently facing.

If you’re not up to speed on the invasion of Ukraine, we can fill you in. Yesterday, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced an invasion of Ukraine. Russian forces surrounded Ukraine on three sides, attacking from both land and sea. Explosions were heard and witnessed from major cities like Kyiv and Odessa. It’s been reported that as many as 57 Ukrainians have been killed and 169 wounded since the assault began.

In the wake of the invasion, Putin’s actions have been met with international condemnation. Major countries like the United States have decided to impose major sanctions on Russia. Major anti-war protests have broken out in Russia as well. The most recent update was a lights-out order and a curfew was issued in the capital city of Kyiv for security reasons. Since Sean Penn arrived earlier in the week, it’s likely he’s been able to capture moments from a lot of these events, and likely some we aren’t even aware of.

There’s really no telling how long this invasion will last, which also means that Sean Penn will likely be there for a while if he wants to capture the full breadth of this historic and tragic time. All we can hope is that the invasion will end as soon as possible and there are no more casualties from something so senseless.

Sean Penn’s most recent documentary can be seen on Discovery Plus. It was released in 2020 and was titled, Citizen Penn. This documentary followed the actor as he organized a non-profit organization with the mission to help the victims and communities affected by the Haiti earthquakes in 2010. The non-profit, called Community Organized Relief Effort or CORE is still active and most recently helped distribute COVID-19 tests and vaccinations. Penn himself has been very outspoken in his efforts to distribute tests and vaccines to help overcome the pandemic. You can currently donate on their website to help their disaster relief efforts in the Brazilian city of Petropolis and their relief efforts for the recent destruction from Hurricane Ida in Louisiana. Make sure to stay tuned to learn more about Sean Penn’s documentary on the Ukraine crisis.