Remake Of David Cronenberg’s Videodrome In The Works At Universal

By Rudie Obias | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Long live the new flesh! Universal Studios is working on a remake of David Cronenberg’s 1983 cult classic, Videodrome. Swedish commercial and music video director Adam Berg is currently in talks with the movie studio to helm the project, based on a script by screenwriter Ehren Kruger (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, The Ring Two).

Adam Berg won the Film Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, the highest honor in the advertising industry, for his commercial, Carousel, for Philips Electronics in 2009. The 138-second advertisement depicts a group of robbers in clown disguises pulling off a heist in one long tracking shot, with a “frozen effect.”

The original 1983 sci-fi body-horror film Videodrome, directed by David Cronenberg, followed Max Renn (James Wood), the president of the sleazy Civic-TV, a public-access station known for pushing the boundaries of sex and torture, as he goes on a psychological journey through the airwaves to discover the real horrors of reality and videotape. The original Videodrome also featured Deborah Harry, Sonja Smits, and Peter Dvorsky.

At the moment, it is unclear how Videodrome will be translated for modern audiences. After all, no one uses videotape anymore. Maybe the new film will venture into the computer world through the Internet…although that sounds more like a remake of another David Cronenberg film, eXistenZ.

Although Berg’s commercial and music video work is grand and spectacular, there’s no telling how he’ll handle a remake of Videodrome without upsetting its fans. In the mean time, check out Adam Berg’s Carousel, the commercial he made for Philips.