Transformers: The Ride Super Bowl Trailer

By Will LeBlanc | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

With the kind of viewership the Super Bowl gets, chances are that most of you have already seen this new teaser clip for Transformers: The Ride, opening at Universal Studios Hollywood in May. Disguised as a distress signal from Optimus Prime, the clip opens with a warning from Prime that the Decepticons are on their way, and then Megatron, who seems to just be hanging out watching the game with Prime, also lets us humans know that we’re about to be decimated, despite the fact the at the end of the most recent Transformers flick Megatron gets summarily executed with a big friggin axe. Check out the spot below.

The short teaser gives no clue as to what exactly the ride will actually entail, but the website,, clues us in on the terms HD 3D and flight simulation. This sounds a lot like it will take some of the ideas the company used to create the Harry Potter ride at Universal Orlando and add the gimmicky element of 3D to the mix. It doesn’t say whether the ride will move through an actual environment like the HP or Spider-Man rides, but that seems to be the most immersive way to approach these kinds of rides so expect something along those lines.

The Transformers movies have always been more ride than film to begin with so this move by Universal is no surprise, especially considering the amount of money the films made. In this case, the shitty story doesn’t make any difference, so Universal has a chance to make an awesome experience here without critical consequence for once. If I lived in California, I’d be psyched.