Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie Trailer Is Alive!

Tim Burton returns to the world of stop-motion macabre.

By Joshua Tyler | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Tim Burton returns to the world of stop-motion macabre this year with Frankenweenie. As if getting people to see claymation wasn’t already a tough enough sell (Coraline really deserved to make more money didn’t it?) this latest project is also in black and white.

The story is your basic science gone awry Frankenstein tale except in this case the re-animated corpse is that of a faithful pet and the scientist is actually a little boy who misses his mutt. Here’s the trailer…

Though the trailer touts Burton as the director of Alice in Wonderland this movie looks more like the Burton we all loved around the time of Nightmare Before Christmas. It’ll be good to have him back.