Star Wars Ruined A Little More: Darth Vader Will Scream Noooo On Return Of The Jedi Blu-ray

By Josh Tyler | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

George Lucas never stops tinkering with the Star Wars movies and that might be fine, if his tinkering didn’t consistently make the movies worse. With the impending release of all six Star Wars movies on Blu-ray, Lucas is back up to his old tricks. In this case he’s taking the absolute worst thing about Revenge of the Sith and inserting it into Return of the Jedi.

At the end of Sith as Vader rises, fully helmeted for the first time, he’s told that Amidala is dead. He cries out in anguish, shaking the room with the power of the Force, in what should have been one of the most bone-chilling moments of the entire saga. Unfortunately, Lucas manages to turn the moment into something laughable by having his new Vader shout “Noooooo!” as if he’s on some mid-day soap opera and has just discovered he has an evil twin.

It’s a moment so bad, in a movie that’s actually otherwise pretty good, it’s spawned a whole host of internet memes and t-shirts mocking it. So of course Lucas wants more of it.

As part of his never-ending quest to make the old Star Wars movies more like the new ones, IO9 reports (and various other sources confirm) that Darth Vader will now shout “Noooooo!” in Return of the Jedi as well. Several people have actually seen the footage and they report that Vader now shouts “nooooooo!” as he throws the Emperor into the Death Star’s core.

Here’s the proof, the entire scene in question as modified for the Blu-ray release of Jedi:

This is awful for so many reasons, I don’t even really know where to start. Let’s start with this: It doesn’t fit the scene at all. In that particular moment Vader is injured and wheezing. He can barely get a word out. It’s all he can do to throw the Emperor, it’s his last gasp of strength, and he definitely doesn’t have any left for shouting “noooo!”. Even if he did, why in the world would he shout it? I think throwing the Emperor to his death kind of gets the message across, besides, the only reason he’s able to kill the Emperor at all is sort of because he sneaks up on him. Palpatine doesn’t expect his betrayal. Shouting “noooooo!” while you stumble towards him is a sure way to alert the guy to your plans.

George Lucas has made a lot of pretty awful changes to the Star Wars saga. Till now none has been worse than Greedo shooting first in A New Hope, but this one may actually top it.

That’s not the only change they’re making either. Remember that scene in A New Hope where Obi Wan scares off the Tusken Raiders by imitating a Krayyt Dragon? Yeah, now he does this shitty noise instead. Oh and the Ewoks now all have creepy, digital, blinking eyes… for some reason.

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