Star Wars: Episode VII Built The Millennium Falcon, Check It Out For Yourself

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

millennium falconIt’s no secret that the Millennium Falcon is going to be in Star Wars: Episode VII. We don’t know much about the plot or the story or who the main actors are going to play, but we’re certain we’ll the see the old bucket of bolts in some capacity. It could be mothballed and sitting in an intergalactic junkyard, but it will be there. We’ve seen photos of it being constructed, heard rumors as to who may be piloting the old girl, and Kevin Smith can’t shut up about what it was like to stand on the set. And now some new pictures have surfaced showing another side of the classic craft, as well as another fan favorite vehicle.

A photojournalist, and pilot, for the BBC named Matthew Myatt was out flying around and spotted something interesting on the ground and was able to snap a few photos. Which you can see after the jump.

Post by Matthew Myatt.

The most interesting thing about these pictures is that they’re taken from the air. One of the first ones was shot directly overhead and looks a little bit like one of those impossibly clear satellite images you see in movies. It shows the Falcon, or at least half of the Falcon, sitting in the field. If you were looking down at the ship from the above it looks like someone cut it in half down the middle. You get that this is a movie set, but it still looks strange like this.

But the Falcon isn’t he only craft in this picture. Off to one side you can see what is clearly an X-Wing Fighter, only it looks like an X-Wing that you might see rusting away in some stereotypical redneck’s yard. The whole craft is wrapped in what looks like blue tarp and duct tape. I’m sure this is to protect the prop from the external element, but you can easily imagine this might also be propped up on cinderblocks and is missing some random parts while some toothless Tattooine junk merchant talks endlessly about how he’s gonna git ‘er up and runnin’ any day now. (Okay, I’ll stop now).

Star Wars Episode VIIThe presence of the X-Wing is not a surprise. Director J.J. Abrams himself released a photo and video of himself with one in the background, so this shouldn’t ruin anything. If it does, and you’re that concerned about spoilers, what the hell are you even doing reading this?

The shoot is apparently taking place a the Royal Air Force Greenham Common. I don’t know where that is, other than somewhere in England, but as you can see in the images, there is a unique combination of rolling green hills and industrial military looking settings. What that means, we’ll have to wait and see, but it’s definitely a cool, unique setting for them to play with.