Sci-Fi Stash: The Last Of Us Remastered And Two New SF Comics Worth Your Cash

By David Wharton | Updated

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LowLow #1
Speaking of Black Science writer Rick Remender, he’s teaming with artist Greg Tocchini to launch a new Image series called Low this week. Set in the distant future, Low posits a world where the sun has expanded prematurely, baking the surface of the Earth in heat and radiation. Those who survived did so by retreating to shielded cities deep beneath the oceans. From their new home, mankind has been sending out probes for centuries, hoping to find another world beyond our solar system that might serve as a new home for the remnants of humanity. When one such probe and returns and crash lands on the surface, expeditions from two different underwater cities are sent to brave the world above in hopes of recovering the probe’s data.

Rick Remender has had runs on Marvel’s Punisher, Venom, and Uncanny Avengers books, but it’s his original stuff like Black Science and Low that excites me most. Low’s got a compelling concept and stunning art from Tocchini, and I’ll be fascinated to see where the series heads. Will they eventually abandon their underwater cities and head out into the stars to find a new home? I can’t wait to find out. You should be able to grab a digital copy of Low #1 tomorrow on Comixology.

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