Proof That E.T. Is From The Star Wars Galaxy

By Cali Hicks | Updated

When The Phantom Menace was first released, little details about hidden easter eggs leaked out via the Internet to Jed-Heads everywhere. Sure enough, one of the most talked about easter eggs has become one of the most controversial. Was Stephen Spielberg’s E.T. from the Star Wars Universe?

Lucas and Spielberg have had a long-standing and well-publicized friendship, which led to another profitable film franchise, The Indiana Jones series of films starring Harrison Ford who also happened to play Han Solo in Lucas’s original “Star Wars” trilogy. However, what fans may not realize is that Ford also played the role of Elliot’s school principal (which ended up on the cutting room floor) as much as a favor to Spielberg as it was to Ford’s then-girlfriend and future ex-wife, Melissa Mathison who wrote the screenplay for “E.T.”. Spielberg also included several “Star Wars” easter eggs in “E.T.” including “Star Wars” toys and a child dressed in a Yoda costume during the trick-or-treat scene. Wookieepedia reports that Lucas made a promise to his old friend to include an “E.T.” cameo in his next “Star Wars” film.

As a result of keeping his promise, the questions have circulated as to whether or not E.T. was from the “Star Wars” universe.  Again, Wookieepedia supports the theory that, yes, E.T was a member of a race known as the “Children of the Green Planet,” indigenous to the planet Brodo Asogi. And as one can plainly see, E.T. (or a member of his race) has a seat in the Senate of the Old Republic. Holonet News Vol. 531 #50 cites that Senator Grebleips from Brodo Asogi funded an expedition to another galaxy. Could this, perhaps, be the expedition that stranded E.T. in Southern California in the early 1980’s?