Predator-Like Thriller The Shadowing Wants To Hunt You Down

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

the shadowingWhen you ask someone what they remember most about Predator, they’ll usually say, “Get to da choppa!” or talk about how generally boundless Carl Weathers’ badassery is. But you never hear anybody say anything about all the children that were murdered. That’s where the newly announced Predator-ish sci-fi/horror film The Shadowing comes in, to do what John McTiernan’s movie could never do. We’re not at liberty to discuss whether this is a good thing or not yet, as the project is just being conceived.

Here’s how this proposed story will go. A group of Special Forces soldiers takes a well-earned vacation with their families after returning home from a successful mission in Iraq. It’s all about the good times and loved ones. That is until night falls, when a snowstorm forces everyone to stay indoors, and things get a little worse than just a crappy holiday retreat.

The men wake up the next morning to find that their wives are all missing, and their children are all dead. (Did I mention this is a knee-knocking comedy? Because it is not.) The only thing they have to go on is a strange looking pair of footprints tracked in the snow. With nothing left to lose, the guys head into the wilderness to find their wives, relying on their military training to help them locate their target, which is something evil and out of this world. Dum dum dummmmm.

Aside from all that death and kidnapping, this sounds like it might be a fun throwback to less-complicated sci-fi thrillers, with a focus on action and hopefully the grossest special effects a miniscule budget can supply. Dare we hope for Scott Adkins or even Jean-Claude Van Damme to get involved with this? You can see The Shadowing‘s solid concept poster below, complete with the golden nugget of a tagline: “Don’t Hunt What You Can’t Kill.” Can somebody please pass that advice on to the Ghost Hunters?

the shadowingUnfortunately, we don’t have much to go on when it comes to the filmmakers putting this project together. Writer/actor John Fallon, who wrote the screenplay with newcomer Jason Hewlett, will make this his second directorial feature. His debut thriller, The Shelter, will be released later this year. The biggest name The Shadowing has going for it is producer Christopher White, who was behind the made-for-TV movie series My Super Psycho Sweet 16 for MTV, as well as The ABCs of Death segment “D is for Dogfight,” directed by Marcel Sarmiento. You can check out this particularly brutal short below, though you might not want to watch if you’re sensitive to dog violence. (Even when it’s the dog doing the violence.)

For more information on The Shadowing, keep your sights on the film’s Facebook page, unless your electricity is out because of a wicked snowstorm outside. If that’s the case, it was nice not knowing you.