Now You’re Playing With R2-D2 Power: Check Out This Modded NES Console

By Rudie Obias | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

These days, modifying an original Nintendo Entertainment System can mean doubling the worth of your classic video game console. It also comes with considerable bragging rights to house a Nintendo inside of an unlikely shell. And it doesn’t get much cooler than this working Nintendo Entertainment System, housed inside R2-D2 himself.

Mark Bongo of Major League Mods has successfully modified an original NES as a working R2-D2 unit. The Nintendo game cartridges insert in R2-D2’s back, as well as the unit’s power supply and audio and video connection ports, and the gaming controllers plug into his wheels. Bongo has even added blue LED lights at the base so when you power the Nintendo on, it will “speak” like R2-D2 himself. It’s super compact and adorable! Check out more images of the R2-D2 Nintendo mod:

Major League Mods frequently modifies gaming consoles like Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles into various pop culture objects and oddities. They have recently modified working Xbox and PlayStation consoles as the Millennium Falcon, Tie-Fighters, and the Death Star. They even modify working Xbox and PlayStation controllers as The Avengers and Transformers characters.

R2-D2 has been the go-to utility player in the Star Wars universe. It seems like this helpful little droid can do anything from re-configuring an entire (cloud) city, repairing a traveling spacecraft in mid-flight, to helping with an Imperial garbage disposal. R2-D2 can even fly (for some reason). In reality, we’ve seen R2-D2 become USB hubs, cup holders, and now a working Nintendo Entertainment System. Is there anything this little guy can’t do?