When Nerd Worlds Collide: Fanmade Enterprise Autobot Toy

By Rudie Obias | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Autobot EWhen you were a kid, your toys would often intermingle with each other. So Transformers would fight G.I. Joes, Thundercats would play with Voltron, and so on. But what happens when Star Trek crosses over with Transformers? Well, artist T.J. Wilferd crafted a new toy that bridges the gap.

This is really impressive! Wilferd made a replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise E from Star Trek: The Next Generation that actually transforms into a Transformer called “Autobot E.” Just think about what Star Trek Into Darkness would have been like if J.J. Abrams used this in the movie. Here’s the cool part: not only did Wilferd craft a new toy, he also wrote a short story to explain its origins.

The short story involves the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise having a melee with an non-working Borg Cube, and then coming into contact with Cybertron after Captain Picard called for help. The short story was really refreshing, considering that most artist-crafted toys don’t come with a storyline explaining their origins. It feels reminiscent of Patton Oswalt’s storyline for his version of Star Wars: Episode VII, but not on quite as huge a scale.

It’s important to note that Paramount Pictures owns the film rights to both Star Trek and Transformers, so they could theoretically combine the two properties together to make something really interesting. They also own the rights to G.I. Joe, so they could add that property into the mix too.

T.J. Wilferd is an artisan craftsman from Memphis, Tennessee. He has created or re-created a large array of Transformers toys from multiple eras of the franchise, including Generation One and Beast Wars.

You can read Autobot E’s full origin story on T.J. Wilferd’s deviantART site.

Autobot E