A Musical Tribute To The Future(s)

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

We as a species have wondered and speculated about the future probably as long as we’ve been capable of holding such a thought in our heads. In some ways it’s an inherently hopefuly concept, since it imagines that we will have a future to see, even if it’s a lousy one. It’s not surprising that the movies, our collective dreamspace, has often told stories of tomorrow, and in the process served up many different visions of what the future might hold. Now the folks at Eclectic Method have put together a pretty cool musical “supercut” tribute to the many different versions of the future we’ve conjured up for the big screen over the years. Check it out.

I have to give Eclectic Method major props for this one. Not only is it edited together extremely well, but I like that it moves from one thematically linked group to the next — megacities to flying cars to robots, etc.

If you’re at work and can’t check the video out just yet, here’s how Eclectic Method describes the video:


Psst. Hey you, come a little closer. I want to tell you something about the future. It will either be: A mind-bendingly awesome; utopian landscape where all of Earth’s problems have been resolved and technology and humanity have evolved to create harmony.

Or it might be a fucked-up dystopian nightmare. Where artificial intelligence has surpassed that of it’s creators. Or perhaps humans have ravaged the Earth to such a degree that it has gone into full revolt. Or A scarcity of resources has humans warring over water. It depends on which film you watch or what time of day you might have asked Stanley Kubrick’s opinion.

Eclectic Method has supercut some of our favorite scenes from movies that turn a predictive eye to the future. Blade Runner’s Megacities alongside A.I.’s flooded New York and Idiocracy’s run down shanty towns. Some technology predictions in these films have already proven to be accurate and some are still a ways off – or not! … cameras on every corner, oil shortages, massive cultural uprisings in the middle east, retinal scans, X-Rays, flying cars and hoverboards, hybrid humans, robots, A.I., teleportation and so on. Who really watches Sci-Fi for the plot anyway, you wanna see the goodness condensed.

Rest assured though, in the future, as in the present, there will be both Coke and Pepsi!