The Man They Call Jayne: Adam Baldwin Joins Michael Bay’s The Last Ship

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Michael Bay’s TNT pilot The Last Ship just earned a blip on my radar. Adam Baldwin, veteran of such fan-favorite series as Firefly and Chuck has signed on for the series, his first pilot since his long run on NBC’s Chuck. Baldwin will play Mike Slattery, the second in command of the USS Nathan James, a naval destroyer facing a harsh reality after a global pandemic wipes out much of the world’s population.

First announced back in July, The Last Ship is being executive produced by Michael Bay, with Jonathan Mostow set to direct the pilot (not unfamiliar territory for him, since he also helmed the sub flick U-571 back in 2000). The Last Ship is based on the 1989 novel by William Brinkley. In the original book the core catastrophe was a global nuclear war, but it’s been updated to the far more trendy pandemic for the TV iteration.

Deadline has a few minor details about the character of Slattery, who will be second in command under Captain Tom Chandler (Eric Dane). They continue: “He’s a fair man who cares deeply for his family. He and Tom clash at times over the best course of action.”

It’s always good to see Baldwin landing another gig, but this one does come from unfortunate circumstances. He’s replacing actor Titus Welliver (Lost‘s Man in Black) in the role, after Welliver has reportedly been forced to leave the show due to a family health emergency. Deadline says that Welliver’s wife has been ill, so we here at GFR send well wishes and hope that she recovers swiftly from whatever the problem is.