Jupiter Ascending’s Latest Trailer Explains Why Everybody Wants To Kill Mila Kunis

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about The Wachowskis’ upcoming science fiction epic Jupiter Ascending — and since one of the last things we heard was about it being delayed into the cinematic dead zone of February, that was a bit worrying. Well, now The Wachowskis have emerged from radio silence with a stunning new international trailer that confirms once again that, regardless of how good or bad this movie proves to be, it will be an absolute visual feast. Check it out.

The new international trailer is similar to the one we saw about a month ago, and is a lot more direct than the early footage about just what the story of Jupiter Ascending actually is. Mila Kunis plays Jupiter Jones, a simple cleaning lady (if “simple” can be applied to a cleaning lady who looks like Mila Kunis) whose genetics grant her a cosmic inheritance she can barely fathom. Channing Tatum plays Caine, an albino wolf/human hybrid sent to protect Jupiter, and that Sean Bean plays some sort of mentor figure who will almost certainly die. The earlier trailers have hinted that a pretty-boy alien bastard named Balem (Eddie Redmayne) doesn’t want Jupiter claiming that aforementioned cosmic inheritance, and has a thing for threatening to strip-mine the Earth.

It seems that humanity didn’t originate on Earth after all, but was rather seeded on our little blue marble “100,000 years ago.” The entity spreading the human equivalent of MiracleGro was an extraterrestrial corporate entity known as Abrasax Industries, a group apparently under the control of Balem by the time the movie begins. So they essentially own the deed to Earth, and can exploit it as they see fit. Except Jupiter’s genetics peg her not only as royalty, but as the rightful inheritor of Earth. Her laying claim to that birthright would obviously interfere with any plans Balem and Abrasax have for it, so they want her dead.

The Wachowskis’ back catalog is extremely divisive once you wander away from the safety of the first Matrix movie. The sequels left many fans cold, and Speed Racer was an expensive dud. But people keep giving the Wachowskis huge budgets to make huge movies, and I’m actually okay with that. Even an ambitious Wachowski misfire is more interesting than much of the dross that comes down the pike, and I loved Cloud Atlas in spite of its flaws. With a dreary February release date, I’m sure the safe bet would be for Jupiter Ascending to be yet another costly box office flop. But I kind of just want to anticipate it without cynicism and look forward to it pouring crazy space opera excess right into my optic nerves.

Jupiter Ascending will hit theaters on February 6, 2015. You can check out a gallery of eye-popping screen grabs below. (You’ll have to pardon the subtitles.)