This Jupiter Ascending Poster Is A Pulp Sci-Fi Dream Given Form

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Jupiter AscendingWe’ve been keeping an eye on Jupiter Ascending for quite some time now, and it just feels like it keeps getting farther and farther away. Moved around and delayed multiple times, the Wachowski’s insane looking sci-fi actioner is still months away, opening in the cinematic doldrums known as February, but this is still one we’re eager to see, even more so thanks to this awesome new poster.

What we’ve seen of Jupiter Ascending makes it look totally bat shit crazy, super pulpy, and full of monsters, alien races, and all kinds of intergalactic power struggles. And this poster, while fairly subdued, captures the feel and aesthetic of all of those cheap sci-fi paperbacks you used to tear through. It’s dreamy and epic and if the movie is half as good as this one sheet, we should be in for a damn fine time at the movies.

High-profile projects like Jupiter Ascending getting moved from prime summer releases and dropped in the first few months of the year can often mean bad things for a film. January and February are generally considered to be the deadest time at the movies, after all awards bait has come out, and is traditionally a place where studios dump movies that may not have turned out as good as expected, or that they just don’t know what the hell else to do with.

At the same time that’s true, you also often get weird, wing nut fare that doesn’t quite fit in anywhere else and may not be easy to market, but that still wind up being pretty entertaining. Hopefully that’s the case here. We sure as shit don’t know what’s going in this movie most of the time. Just check out the latest trailer, there’s lots of overwrought yelling, monsters, rocket boots, and Channing Tatum playing a part wolf, part albino mercenary, or something.

As we understand the story of Jupiter Ascending, Mila Kunis plays Jupiter, a lowly maid who makes her living cleaning up after rich people, generally going nowhere in life. That all changes when she learns that she share an identical genetic code with the Queen of the Universe and, unbeknownst to her, that puts her in line to inherit, well, the entire freaking universe. There are, of course, folks who want to stop her, like Eddie Redmayne’s Balem, who goes from calm and menacing to full-blown gonzo madness in the blink of an eye (he reminds me of Gary Oldman’s Zorg from The Fifth Element). Chan-Chan plays Caine, a freelancer dispatched to find her, but as you expect, he falls in love with her and uses his skill set to keep her safe.

Jupiter Ascending opens everywhere on February 6, 2015, and also stars Douglas Booth, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Doona Bae, James D’Arcy, and apparently Terry Gilliam pops in for a visit, which should be fun.