This Jupiter Ascending Extended Trailer Is One Big Battle For Earth

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Like most of the films in their past, the Wachowski siblings’ space opera Jupiter Ascending is getting more than its fair share of critical mudslinging as its impending release approaches. But for everyone who is gleefully ignoring all that negative noise, here’s a three-minute-long extended trailer that should satisfy your day’s explosion quota.

I can’t help but still feel excitement for Jupiter Ascending, as it looks like the perfect way to watch a bunch of actors I like doing things that they’ll probably never do again. (Especially if this bombs at the box office.) I’m of the camp that thinks an elf-eared Channing Tatum and Sean Bean should be saving the planet/galaxy/Mila Kunis in every single movie that comes out, but I’ll just have to make this experience worth that much more.

It seems like there’s quite a bit of new footage here—mostly explosions and colorful space shots—mixed in with things we’ve seen before. Trailers for this movie have been coming out for more than a year now, since it ended up switching its summer release date to a far less encouraging February date. So maybe most of it has shown up in other trailers. Either way, I still think it looks awesome, especially since it doesn’t sound like this year is going to have a whole lot of massive space epics for genre fans to nosh on.

For a brief synopsis: Kunis plays an average Earthling who shares the DNA with the Queen of the Universe, and Tatum is sent to not only help her reach her supreme place of power, but to keep her and Earth safe from the wretched grasp of Eddie Redmayne. Plus, you know, spaceships go boom.

jupiter ascending
“I suck at parallel parking.”
Check out interesting behind-the-scenes video below, which also features a chunk of new footage, as well as interviews with the cast. Tatum for Speed Racer 2! (That’s a joke, mostly.)

Don’t let Jupiter Ascending‘s disastrous recent Sundance premiere sway you from heading out to theaters on February 6. Check it out and make up your own mind about its quality. Keep science fiction successful, and we’ll keep getting more of it in theaters.