Icy Windows? Let A Wampa Lend A Paw

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

In a world where the phrase, “It’s Hoth cold out there,” has become a part of our collective lexicon, this invention was inevitable. A Wampa-themed ice scraper seems like such a natural, obvious idea that it’s hard to believe it didn’t happen sooner.

The idea springs from the scene in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke, lost on the frozen tundra of the ice planet Hoth, hacks off a Wampa arm with his lightsaber. The movie never addresses what happens to the severed paw in the aftermath of the encounter, but maybe Luke grabbed it, hollowed it out, an used it to scratch the ice off the windows of his X-Wing fighter. That might be kind of gross until you treat the inside, or install some sort of liner. No one likes to get Wampa on their hands, it gets gooey and gross, starts to smell after a few days.

Star Wars fans who dwell in the more frigid realms of our world should take note of this particular invention. It’ll come in handy on those chilly mornings when your speeder is frozen over. Or maybe you just have a pile of unused Wampa arms lying about and you can fashion your own. However, if that’s the case, you have issues and should probably talk to someone in the psychiatric profession.

If you’re so inclined you could always buy two of these, one for each hand, and stomp around, roaring, swatting at stray Jedis lost in the snow. You know damn well that the thought crossed your mind.

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