Han Solo Carbonite Business Card Holder Sure To Impress In The Boardroom

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Looking to make an impression in a professional capacity? It’s tough out there. You can hand anyone a business card, but you need to do whatever you can to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. A handy little business card holder might help you do just that, and make you look all grown up. But not just any chrome-plated, monogrammed card carrier will do for you, oh no, you need something a slightly more in line with your personal proclivities. Perhaps one molded to look like Han Solo frozen in carbonite is more your speed.

Here’s a photo of what the finished product from Think Geek looks like. While I have absolutely no use for something like this in my daily life, there’s no denying that it is pretty damn cool.

Business folk will be impressed that you have a business card case at all, but you’ll still be able to keep your geek cred on lock-down. You may even out some closeted Star Wars fans along the way. This spring-loaded miniature block of carbonite hides up to a dozen individual cards, depending on the card stock.

Now all you need is a gaudy wristwatch with something like Boba Fett on the face, maybe a tiepin with a Darth Vader head, or a money clip shaped like the Millennium Falcon. Throw all of that on, and you’re not only ready for the boardroom, but for the convention floor as well.