George Takei Will Star In Celebrity Apprentice

By Cali Hicks | Updated

George TakeiLooks like television icon, George Takei has returned to the network that introduced him to an adoring fanbase as Lieutenant Sulu on a short-lived show from the mid-1960’s some might remember as Star Trek. Tuesday, sharp-eyed New Yorkers spotted Takei and the rest of the cast of this season’s Celebrity Apprentice out and about hawking sandwiches on West 52nd Street. The NBC series, hosted by entrepreneur and possessor of the Midas Touch, Donald Trump, is noted for sending contestants out in teams on money-making ventures, then evaluating their progress. The venture that outed the cast? Making and selling sandwiches to raise money for charity.

Aside from George Takei, the cast reportedly consists of television’s Incredible Hulk star, Lou Ferrigno, Tia Carrere (Wayne’s World, True Lies), sleight-of-hand snark-master Penn Jillette, 80’s musical artists Dee Snyder (Twisted Sister) and Debbie Gibson. Also spotted vending sandwiches were Clay Aiken (American Idol also-ran), Comedians Adam Carolla and Lisa Lampanella, reality television personalities Paul Teutal, Sr., Victoria Gotti, Teresa Giudice, Aubrey O’Day. The requisite models/beauty queens appearing this season are Cheryl Tiegs, Dayana Mendoza, and Patricia Velasquez. Former talk-show host Arsenio Hall and IndyCar driver Mario Andretti round out the cast.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the sandwiches ranged in price from $100 for “Teresa’s Giudice’s Hot-Blooded Housewife Hoagie” which consisted of Italian meats on focaccia, to $20 for “Debbie Gibson’s Teen Dream” which was a simple grilled cheese in a box autographed by Gibson.

Speculation about the identities of the Season 5 cast members had been rampant for weeks prior to the incident.  While NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice web site ignored the incident, the rest of the internet exploded with spoilers regarding the show.