George Takei Brokers A Star Peace, Call To Arms Against Twilight

By Steve West | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

George Takei has now formulated a plan for peace between Star Trek and Star Wars fans. The movement calls for all fans to target the real enemy to sci-fi and fantasy culture, Twilight. This video is in response to the back and forth William Shatner and Carrie Fisher have had over the last year, and also as part of Roger Ebert’s plea to Takei to be the broker of Star peace.

The video is hilarious and takes the appropriate amount of jabs at Twilight, but it does raise the point that the sparkly vampire series is vapid. It’s fine for the fans to enjoy such a thing, no one says everything you’re a fan of has to be brilliant. I enjoy a good run of the mill crime novel (hello Prey series) as much as my current obsession with A Song of Ice and Fire. So there’s no direct ill will intended.

But Takei raises a few points on how there isn’t really much to the Twilight series except “vampires that sparkle, moan and go to high school,” and the main thrust of the plot is “does my boyfriend like me?” So join with the mythically voiced Takei to live long and prosperously while taking down the Twilight fandom.

Now we await the response from the Twilight camp. I envision a lot of hand wringing, sighing, huffing about the room, and showing of abs.