Back To The Future Merged With Knight Rider? Firefly Combined With The A-Team? Mashup Success!

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

With the ridiculous popularity of YouTube and the widespread availability of editing software, it’s easier than ever to become internet famous. Maybe you shoot a hilarious short video that explodes across the Twitter-verse. Maybe you luck into having your camera phone ready when a local celebrity is hit in the crotch by a migrating red-breasted nuthatch. Or maybe — just maybe — you realize that footage from the Back to the Future movies would be awesome if edited together beneath the audio from the Knight Rider intro.

That’s just the sort of brainstorm that is apparently going on inside the head of YouTuber TheMoeFwacky, like, all the time. Because his BTTF/Knight Rider video up top would be right up our alley in and of itself, but he keeps bringing the badass with other pitch-perfect mashups combining some of our favorite science fiction properties with ‘80s action series with memorable theme songs. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, damn it. Firefly and The A-Team? Absolutely!

Doctor Who and Quantum Leap? Oh boy.

Mashups are ever-present in Internet land, but every once in awhile you run across somebody who has mastered the form, and that’s this dude. His mashups succeed on every level imaginable. His choices of source material to smack together are brilliant, aligning the material along thematic lines rather than just pure randomness. Back to the Future and Knight Rider? It’s all about the cars. Firefly and The A-Team? Honestly, if I even have to explain the links that make that a spectacular combination, you don’t deserve to be watching things this awesome. His Doctor Who/Quantum Leap mashup is my least favorite, but that’s really only because the other two are simply outstanding in both concept and execution.

He’s got a knack for editing and timing, choosing just the right footage from one to merge beautifully with the audio from the other, overall recreating the feel of the ‘80s credits sequences he’s riffing on. Seriously, TheMoeFwacky — slow clap, man. Slow clap.

And if you’re listening, can I put in a request for a Wonder Years/Babylon 5 video? Thanks.