Fan-Made Star Wars Anime Will Leave You Wanting More

By Rudie Obias | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Star Wars has seen many makeovers over the years. There has been everything from animated series like The Clone Wars and the new series Detours, to the prequel saga, to the Star Wars video games including 1313 and The Old Republic. Now an unofficial Star Wars Anime has popped up on the Internet, which is leaving Star Wars fans wanting more. Check out the Star Wars anime below:

The two-minute anime serves as a proof-of-concept from animator Paul Michael Johnson (AKA OtaKing77077). The animated galactic sequence is incomplete but it still captures all the excitement and thrills from a live-action space battle scene. Johnson is a 34-year-old Japanese anime animator from the United Kingdom. He has worked on anime versions of RoboCop, Street Fighter, and Doctor Who. The British animator had not intended to release the “work-in progress” Star Wars anime, but it managed to find its way onto the Internet. Since it’s leaked, Johnson plans to release the full version soon. He provided his reaction to the leak on his YouTube page:

That is really rather excellent. I did grin quite creepily when I heard the first TIE sound effect… recognised the AT-AT walking sound too! I won’t ask you to take it down, though I really am trying to keep it low profile since it’s rough and unfinished (about 30 people have been helping critique it on the 4chan /m/ mecha board, so it was supposed to be only them seeing it until it was complete, but then it got posted on 109, Twitter etc and flew out of control). Maybe if you could slap a disclaimer in the title or info, saying how it is completely work in progress?

Hopefully, the full version of the Star Wars anime will be feature length. In the mean time, Star Wars fans will have to make due with this still-impressive sequence.