1990s Sci-Fi Cult Classic Rediscovered And Given Tons Of Love

By Douglas Helm | Updated

Tank Girl is a crazy cult classic sci-fi from 1995 that will forever be underrated. While the film was a bomb upon its release, it has steadily grown a loyal following of fans. If you’re one of those fans, you should check out the special Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray that is now available for pre-order from Umbrella Home Entertainment.

The Physical Bonuses

The Tank Girl Collector’s Edition is packed with physical and digital goodies for fans. Along with the Blu-Ray disc, buyers will get a 48-page book with behind-the-scenes experiences and art. Other physical bonuses include a custom artwork slipcase, a classic poster slipcase, eight replica lobby cards, and an A3 reversible poster.

Hours Of Digital Extras Include An Audio Commentary

Don’t overlook the extras either, because the Tank Girl Collector’s Edition has plenty of them. On the disc, fans will find an interview with Doug Jones, a video essay by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, an interview with director Rachel Talalay, an interview with lead Lori Petty, an interview with production designer Catherine Hardwicke, a making-of featurette, and a theatrical trailer. You can also watch the film with audio commentary from Talalay and Petty.

Tank Girl Is A Comic Book Movie

Tank Girl is based on the British comic series of the same name by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin. The film adaptation was directed by Rachel Talalay and written by Tedi Sarafian. Lori Petty stars as the titular Tank Girl, with the rest of the cast rounded out by Naomi Watts, Ice-T, and Malcolm McDowell.

Takes Place In Post-Apocalypse Australia

Tank Girl takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Australia that is ravaged by drought. The film follows Tank Girl as she fights the corporation known as Water & Power. Others who joined the battle against Water & Power were Watts’ Jet Girl and human-kangaroo hybrids known as the Rippers.

Tank Girl has a pretty wild concept, but the film is a joy to watch. The fantastic soundtrack was put together by Courtney Love, and the production design and prosthetics for the Rippers really bring the world to life. The film has also been praised for its feminist themes since its release.

Tank Girl Was A Finanical Flop

Despite being undeniably cool and dripping with style, Tank Girl just wasn’t able to become a commercial success. The film only made around $6 million back of its $25 million budget, making it an undeniable financial flop. The reviews from critics were also pretty mixed at the time, and comic creators Martin and Hewlett have since said the film was a bit of a “sore point” for them.

Now It’s A Cult Classic

Director Rachel Talalay has also mentioned that the studio interfered significantly with the story and screenplay, causing some of the negative reception from critics. Despite all this, fans have latched on to Tank Girl over the years, and its following is as strong as ever. In fact, there’s a reboot of the film with Margot Robbie producing, though there haven’t been many updates since production was delayed due to the pandemic.

Hopefully, we’ll see Margot Robbie get the Tank Girl reboot underway soon. If not, we’ll always have the original. If you want the Collector’s Edition for yourself, make sure to place a pre-order for its April 17 release.

Source: Umbrella Home Entertainment