Saturday Morning All Star Hits! Trailer Celebrates The 1990s In Surprising New Series

By Apeksha Bagchi | 2 months ago

saturday morning all star hits

After announcing its new live-action animation hybrid series Saturday Morning All Star Hits a few weeks ago, Netflix has finally debuted its first official trailer. It had been announced that the show would be like a homage of sorts to the kind of shows and entertainment television provided to kids in the 1980s and 1990s. But by the looks of the trailer, while the show does manage to tap into the nostalgia factor (with a smooth VHS quality), there seems to be a darker side to the storyline. 

While Saturday Morning All Star Hits is expected to twist classic cartoons and iconic shows with comedy as it comes from Saturday Night Live cast member Kyle Mooney, the trailer packs a lot more than just random references to old cartoons. If you look closely, there also appear to be fake commercials, like an advertisement of Nextronico Mega Kitten, roped into the eccentric storyline Mooney is aiming for in the series. But things get weirder when we come across a suicidal cartoon dinosaur and a murder mystery crops up when two live-action show stars go missing. 

In its official synopsis, Netflix has labeled Saturday Morning All Star Hits as a campy but rather “wildly irreverent and slightly disturbing” tribute to Saturday morning cartoons. But from the looks of it, Kyle Mooney and Dave McCary (who directed the former’s Brigsby Bear) will not only be portraying their love for the 1980s and 1990s television shows through the eight-episode series but will also be warping it with their own brand of wacky twists. Check out the trailer below:

Saturday Morning All Star Hits will be another platform for Kyle Mooney to exhibit his passion for the 1980s and 1990s, an era he got acquainted and obsessed with via old VHS tapes of his older siblings. His critically acclaimed Brigsby Bear was along the same veins as it depicted a man who is finally freed from an underground bunker where he spent all his life. He is very passionate about Brigsby Bear Adventures as it was the only TV show he ever watched and after he learns that it abruptly ended, he sets out to make a movie to properly conclude its storyline. 

Back in 2017, while promoting Brigsby Bear, Mooney had shared how, as a child, he was really into shows that his older brothers once watched. As they had outgrown the shows, Mooney had to discover this world of classic cartoons, iconic shows, and even commercials on his own. But whether it was through all VHS tapes or the miraculous arrival of the Internet, all Mooney did was “watch them over and over and obsess over them.” And looks like Saturday Morning All Star Hits will be another masterpiece born of his supreme adulation for the era.

Saturday Morning All Star Hits will feature Kyle Mooney as twin hosts, Skip and Treybor. He will also be serving as series creator, along with Ben Jones of Bento Box Entertainment, the animation studio behind the upcoming series. Mooney and Jones are also onboard as the executive producers along with Scott Gairdner, Scott Greenberg, Katy Jenson, Joel Kuwahara, Dave McCary, Lorne Michaels, and Andrew Singer. Saturday Morning All Star Hits is all set to premiere on Netflix on December 11.