Our Salma Hayek Eternals Scoop Confirmed

Our exclusive report on Salma Hayek's story in Eternals has now been confirmed.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Marvel’s Eternals has now been released in movie theaters and the ambitious story is being reviewed by audiences, who are liking it a fair amount more than critics. Two months ago, we reported that one of our trusted and proven inside sources had revealed Salma Hayek’s fate in Eternals. Now that the movie is in theaters, we can confirm that our source was correct about what happens in the story for Marvel’s Eternals. Be aware that after this paragraph, you’ll be seeing spoilers pertaining to the plot of the movie.

Long before the new Marvel movie premiered, we reported that Salma Hayek’s character, Ajak, would die early on in Eternals. Since Ajak is the leader of the group and the one responsible for communicating with the celestials, her death would be a major blow to the other characters in the movie. If you’ve seen Eternals you now know that Ajak is found dead on her ranch very early on in the two-hour and 37-minute movie. A few of the main characters discover the body, including Gemma Chan’s Sersi. The characters then go on to tell the other Eternals the news and bring everyone together.

This scene was surprising for many in the audience. Salma Hayek’s character is the leader of the group, and yet, she’s barely shown alive before her death happens. A lot of the scenes with her character are actually flashbacks that show earlier points in their history. The scene showing her actual death doesn’t happen until far into the movie. In the end, she’s mostly a peripheral character instead of the lead, something many are naming as one of the movie’s failures.

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Despite the death of her character, Salma Hayek recently revealed that she has signed a multi-movie with Marvel. She told the podcast Smallzy’s Celebrity Small Talk, “I did sign multiple movie deals! It was kind of fun being part of this…secret society that you have to protect so fearlessly.” As a character revealed to have lived for an incredibly long time, it will be easy enough to have Ajak reappear. She could make sense as a character involved in a lot of different events in the history of the Marvel universe. It’s unclear whether audiences will have been won over enough by the character in Eternals to warrant that happening.

Before the movie was widely released, early reviews had Eternals ranking as the worst Marvel movie ever. Additionally, the film has been banned in several countries. While many of the countries banning Eternals aren’t pointing out their specific reasons behind the ban, there are enough reasons to guess. The various reasons given have included the same-sex kiss scene, the heterosexual sex scene, and the discussion of the characters as gods. The movie shows Salma Hayek’s character at various points in time, influencing the events of human history in many countries.

Despite the bans and early poor reviews, Eternals managed to earn $71 million at the box office during its opening weekend. That’s a very successful opening weekend, by most accounts. However, hopes were high for Eternals, in part because of the stellar cast involved. Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage all saw bigger opening weekends than Eternals. It’ll be interesting to see how Marvel moves forward with these characters now that they have box office numbers in hand.