Robert Pattinson Will Lead A Multiverse Justice League?

A multiverse Justice League may be on the way, with Robert Pattinson in the lead.

By Hayden Mears | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The DC Extended Universe has been standing on shaky legs ever since its beginning. In an effort to replicate Marvel Studios’ success, DC and Warner Bros. hurriedly and haphazardly threw together a cinematic universe that instantly felt esoteric and inaccessible. Now, that universe is about to become even more confounding. And it all revolves around Robert Pattinson.

Geekosity brings word that Robert Pattinson’s Batman will lead a multiverse-spanning Justice League. The site’s founder and editor, Mikey Sutton, dropped a ton of details about just what this would look like and how it might work, and it’s just as confusing as you’d expect.

Basically, DC wants to reboot its cinematic Justice League to better mirror the multiverse from the comics. With the SnyderVerse reduced to an improbability, DC and Warner Bros. are reportedly now putting together a slate of standalone films, with the notable exception of the Justice League movies. Sutton described DC’s new direction as “a collection of separate pocket universes.” And Robert Pattinson is set to lead the charge. As astonishingly confusing as that is, it tracks. From the get-go, the DC Extended Universe has lacked the narrative cohesion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s not shade. It’s fact.


It will be interesting to see how this all comes together. That is, if it comes together at all. There’s so much going on that just does not make sense, but let’s give DC a shot. Luckily, it seems like Robert Pattinson’s take on the Caped Crusader already functions in its own continuity, which also feeds the veracity of these rumors. And speaking of continuity, the DC Comics publisher has provided us with decades of compelling stories, some of which are now enjoying animated adaptations. It’s a shame that the DC Extended Universe is having trouble translating its concepts and characters for a broader audience, because there is some really great stuff in DC’s history.

While this rumor complements recent word that the Matt Reeves-directed The Batman will take place on Earth-2, none of it is confirmed. Take it as you will, but keep in mind that DC is changing things up in a big way. Starting with Robert Pattinson. So it is plausible.

The success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League prompted fans to demand that the director return for those planned sequels. But Snyder has said that he won’t be returning to the DC Universe, so let’s go ahead and put that one to rest. Also, it doesn’t seem like DC wants to juggle what Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson are doing with whatever Snyder had planned for the franchise’s future.

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If anything, the prospect of a fresh new approach to the DC Extended Universe could end up being an incredibly positive thing. And if you’ve seen Robert Pattinson in that awesome The Batman trailer, you might feel a bit more optimistic. Snyder’s movies were not landing the way they needed to for Warner Bros. to feel comfortable greenlighting sequels. So maybe this is intended to be kind of a course correction for the studio? It is tough to tell

You can catch Robert Pattinson as Batman/Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’s The Batman, which is scheduled to hit theaters on March 4, 2022.