Road House Director Turns On Remake And Is Going To War Against It

By Britta DeVore | Published

Although we’re sure the remake of Road House will be jam-packed with punches, fun one-liners, and plenty of drama, nothing can compare to the drama that stemmed from the production itself. From financial gains to issues between big-screen vs. streaming, the project faced several slowdowns on its way to receiving its release date on March 21 to Prime Video. But, perhaps the most juicy tidbit is that its very own director, Doug Liman, has fully turned his back on the title and is calling for an all-out boycott.

An Accomplished Director vs. Amazon

Like its leading man, Jake Gyllenhaal, Doug Liman had long been the studio’s top pick as Road House’s helmer and seemed to be a dream project for the filmmaker who previously brought audiences such action-packed titles as The Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow. Ready to deliver a fresh spin on a beloved late ‘80s movie, Liman couldn’t have possibly seen the absolute crap storm that was about to fly his way.

Liman’s Boycott

While it was reported that Liman was among those who had a choice over whether the film would screen in cinemas or go to streaming straight away, the director has since slammed Amazon for choosing to not give fans the full effect of Road House on the big screen. In fact, the director has gone so far as to say that he’ll be boycotting its premiere as the opening-night film at this year’s SXSW festivities. Liman views his decision as an important one in preventing such things from happening in the future as, in his mind, Road House is a project that undoubtedly should be seen in cinemas.

Casting Controversy

Along with Liman’s personal feelings of rage against Road House’s upcoming release, the film also faced a multitude of speed bumps along the way – most centered around the choice of theatrical or streaming release. The movie lost producers over the decision, with MGM and Amazon holding on tightly to their money-making streaming drop. And then there were the problems surrounding Conor McGregor, one of Gyllenhaal’s co-stars.

Involvement Of The UFC

Because Liman’s Road House serves as an adaptation and is set in the modern world, it made sense that Jake Gyllenhaal’s leading character would have ties to the UFC. And, who better to recruit for the role of a UFC fighter than one who competes in real life? Enter Conor McGregor – one of the top names in the sport. 

Conor McGregor’s Legal Issues

The problem was that when McGregor’s casting was announced, the reveal didn’t mention anything about the champion’s numerous claims of assault and violence against women that were filed around the time – all of which McGregor has denied. Despite any negative publicity, the folks behind Road House chose to trudge forward with McGregor continuing to appear in the film no matter how the optics might look. Other main cast members include Fast X’s Daniela Melchior and Lift’s Billy Magnussen.

Only On Streaming

Despite producers and Liman’s attempts, Road House will still only be available to stream on Prime Video beginning on March 21. While Liman has concerns over how decisions like this one will affect the industry moving forward, the direct-to-streaming wave has already started building and there’s, for better or for worse, no turning back now.