Road House 2 With Jake Gyllenhaal Fate Decided And We’re Shocked

By Douglas Helm | Published

Despite negative reviews, Jake Gyllenhaal’s reboot of Road House is getting a sequel. Amazon MGM Studios’ announcement that Road House 2 is officially in development with Gyllenhaal set to reprise his role. No details have been released at this time.

Why Is This Happening?

jake gyllenhaal road house

The announcement that Road House 2 has the green light is a bit surprising, considering the movie was not well received by either critics or audiences. With that being said, numbers talk, and Amazon MGM Studios says that the recently released film brought in 80 million viewers to date and broke records by bringing in over 50 million viewers in its first two weekends on the Prime Video streaming platform. This is reportedly the most-watched debut of Amazon MGM Studios ever worldwide.

Surpassed Amazon’s Expectations

With numbers like those, Road House 2 being made seemed inevitable. Amazon has a decent hit-to-miss ratio when it comes to quality shows, like its popular Fallout adaptation and the comic book series The Boys, but it is also more than happy to make more of something that fans don’t particularly like, such as The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, if it gets tons of viewers. In any case, it seems like Gyllenhaal may have a new action franchise on his hands.

The Return Of Jake Gyllenhaal

Road House 2 will see Jake Gyllenhaal return as Dalton, an ex-UFC fighter who works as the muscle at a Florida Keys dive. Much like the 80s Patrick Swayze film the reboot is based on, there’s plenty of action to be had, along with the acting debut of actual UFC fighter Conor McGregor. While almost every review, even the positive ones, said that it doesn’t live up to the Swayze summer classic, the film at least had enough juice to get 80 million people to tune in, apparently. 

It’ll Have A Different Director

The question is, will anyone other than Jake Gyllenhaal be back for Road House 2? While we might see some of his other cast members come along for the ride, it seems highly unlikely that director Doug Liman will return. Doug Liman had some very harsh words for Amazon when the studio decided to not release Road House in theaters and send it direct to streaming instead.

While Amazon was plenty happy with the results, at least enough to give Road House 2 the go-ahead, Liman seemed pretty angry about the whole thing. Liman even boycotted the premiere of the movie, and the bad blood between him and Amazon would give the impression that neither party would want to work together again. Then again, stranger things have happened.

Doug Liman Can Do Better

jake gyllenhaal road house

It’s also entirely possible that Doug Liman might be too busy to make Road House 2 anyway, as the director is working with Tom Cruise on a movie that will be partially filmed in space. Cruise will be the first civilian to perform a spacewalk for the movie, which will make it historic in more ways than one. There’s also the possibility that Liman is (hopefully) working on Edge of Tomorrow 2, which everyone wants to see happen more than Road House 2 anyway.