How Quentin Tarantino Helped Justified Return To TV

By Jessica Goudreault | Updated

Justified: City Primeval

Director Quentin Tarantino seems like he is a world away from the FX hit TV series Justified, but he actually helped bring the show back for its new spinoff series, Justified: City Primeval, according to Yahoo. Michael Dinner, one of the creative minds behind the TV series shared that Quentin Tarantino and Justified star Timothy Olyphant discussed the idea of Justified: City Primeval while they were on the set of 2019’s Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.

Quentin Tarantino and Justified star Timothy Olyphant once shared concepts for a possible return of the hit series, which helped get the upcoming spinoff Justified: City Primeval running.

The new mini-series of Justified is based on the 1980 novel of the same name by Elmore Leonard, who wrote several other books that the previous seasons of Justified were based on. While Justified: City Primeval has always been an intriguing idea for a film or TV series, it had not been adapted yet. Quentin Tarantino almost adapted the Justified book into a movie, but he chose to adapt Leonard’s other book Rum Punch into Jackie Brown instead.

Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens in Justified

While Timothy Olyphant was on the set of Quentin Tarantino’s Hollywood western, they discussed the idea of a new season of Justified. At the time, the show had already come to a close after six seasons, but the two creative minds agreed that City Primeval would make a great season of Justified.

Timothy Olyphant pitched the idea to Justified’s co-showrunner Michael Dinner, and he loved the concept. One year later, Michael Dinner pitched the idea to FX. The network loved the idea as well, and they agreed to revive Justified so that they could finally bring Leonard’s novel to life.

As excited as Michael Dinner was to create the new season Quintin Tarantino helped get running, he was worried about how to do things correctly with Justified: City Primeval. The previous seasons of the show were inspired by Leonard’s books about Raylan Givens, the Deputy U.S. Marshal who is the star of Justified. According to Michael Dinner, he and his co-showrunner Dave Andron combined the City Primeval story with Raylan Givens’ character and let it create its own tale.

The network loved the idea as well, and they agreed to revive Justified so that they could finally bring Leonard’s novel to life.

The new season sounds like it will bring Quentin Tarantino and Timothy Olyphant’s idea to life while satisfying the long-time fans of Justified. The eight-episode series will focus on Raylan Givens as he continues to work as a U.S. Marshal. He will make his way from Kentucky to Detroit in pursuit of The Oklahoma Wildman, Clement Mansell, who is the original bad guy from the Leonard novel.

Justified: City Primeval will feature a lot of new cast members after the show’s seven-year break. Timothy Olyphant will return to his role of Raylan Givens, and the talented Boyd Holbrook (Narcos, Logan) will play the elusive Clement Mansell. Meanwhile, Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor (King Richard) will play the defense attorney who is caught in between them.

In addition, Timothy Olyphant’s real-life daughter Vivian Olyphant will make her acting debut as she plays his on-screen teenage daughter Willa Givens.

When to Watch Justified: City Primeval

Meanwhile, Quentin Tarantino is hard at work on his final film, The Movie Critic, but you can check out Justified: City Primeval and its first two episodes (City Primeval and The Oklahoma Wildman) on July 18. The rest of the series will be aired on a weekly basis over the following six weeks.