Quantum Leap Reboot Release Date Announced

The Qunatum Leap reboot has been well underway, with plenty of casting annoucements these past six months, but now we have been given a release date.

By James Brizuela | Published

quantum leap

Ever since the Quantum Leap reboot had been announced, there has been more and more good news coming out about the new series. NBC signed on almost immediately to welcome back the science-fiction drama. A lot of the original cast from the series signed on to renew their roles, and the expansion of the original story was put into place to excite fans about this new proposed sequel reboot. Now, we finally have a release date. The show will officially air on NBC on September 19th, at 10 PM EST.

The new Quantum Leap reboot essentially follows the same formula as the original show, only Dr. Sam Beckett has been lost for 30 years, after he disappeared into the Quantum Leap accelerator. Now, the Quantum Leap program has been reopened with Dr. Ben Seong, played by Raymond Lee, taking over. He and his team hope to understand more about the program and to eventually figure out where Dr. Beckett has disappeared to. There has been no mention about if Scott Bakula will be appearing, but we gather that might happen in some fashion. Unfortunately, Dean Stockwell passed away this year, so he will not be part of the reboot, though we hope he is honored in some way.

Joining the Quantum Leap reboot is Ernie Hudson, who will be an episode as Herbert “Magic” Williams, who had appeared during season three of the original series. The original creator of the series, Donald P. Bellisario, will be the executive producer. He is joined by Martin Gero, who worked on Blindspot. Deborah Pratt is also an executive producer, and she was the narrator for the original series. There has been no mention that another narrator will be used, or if Pratt will step into the role. Mason Alexander Park and Caitlin Bassett will also be playing important characters in this first 10-episode season.

The original Quantum Leap series tackled many subjects of social commentary, as Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) was meant to travel to another period, taking on the role of a person from that era. It was essentially the old saying, “walking in someone else’s shoes.” Empathy was one of the biggest driving forces of the original show, and that might be one of the most important elements of this new reboot, especially with the way the world is currently. There needs to be a show that teaches people empathy toward other walks of life and cultures. The original series ran for five seasons, and the hope is the new Quantum Leap reboot will exceed that number.

The Quantum Leap reboot will air on NBC on September 19th at 10 PM EST. That is a Monday, so we can surmise that there will likely be a weekly release on Mondays at that exact time for the corresponding episodes. Hopefully, barring its success on NBC, it will also find its way to a streaming platform for fans to watch that don’t have cable. We are looking at you, Peacock. We are excited to see what this new reboot has to offer.